Being from Intuit, my interviewer seems impressed. It is also a great place to experiment since it is a controlled market. Newer Post Older Post Home. I had aimed to reach earlier to avoid confusion about rooms etc and was on campus at about 9: Here are the ones I had written: Someone from Gujarat may not be able to relate to a story written by someone from Bengal because the cultural terminology would be different even though the underlying emotions are the same. My turn came at around 1.

I reached the campus at around 8. The UK and its people are quite structured and formal in their culture. I will get personally in touch with you for this. Even when we had a band we did not have a drummer and we used to have to make our bass guitarist play the drums. Why do you think there are such cultural differences in India? Hopefully with the learning from this role and business education, I will be able to get to a place that allows me to make strategic decisions in the future.

My mom wants me to do an MBA for the heck of it, although i am genuinely interested so that i can get into techno-sales kinda job. After around 11 years of experience in IT field, last year during my preparation for my appraisal discussion with my Boss in November time frame, I decided to pursue esday management program to strengthen my career.

It was in M23 class. You can definitely make an attempt if you are sure that this adds value to your career.


pgsem essay topics

Shamit Bagchi January 29, 5: My interview was on 24th April at 9 am. The request may be shared in advance but the follow up might happen weeks later. Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus’s work on micro-finance and Grameen Bank, Jeffrey Sachs’s work on economic stabilization through aid and the UN Millennium Development Goals aimed at world-wide poverty reduction, and C K Prahalad’s concept of targeting the Bottom of the Pyramid BOP come to mind gopics away – their intense dedication, writings and activities inspire me and I feel compelled to participate in a more tangible way.

It is great, write to my email address if you have any specific queries.

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They also asked about my company-Intuit ‘s products, including those recently launched in Indiaits future marketing tkpicsabout Indian market and about a strategy for succeding in Indian market. I have just started my preparations.

And yes, expense clauses too. There could be clauses relating to early termination of resourcing if the services are no longer required before the contract term expires. Looking forward for favorable response. Here are the ones I had written: In topiccs and classroom sessions hourssame as PGP.

But will you apply again next year Yes, I will do both things.

This was indeed a low point in my academic life which resulted in my not getting an engineering branch of choice. This is your 4th company. Very nicely written article!!. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Also entrepreneurship is what I have set as my long-term goal for which it would be essential pvsem understand the micro- and macro-economic concepts and details of running a sustainable yet profitable enterprise, and IIMB is the ideal place to begin.


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I was 8th in the queue. It certainly is Sir, and coupled with the traffic it can be quite tkpics. You are commenting using your WordPress. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

pgsem essay topics

Once we find people who can play all the instruments we certainly want to firm a band esssay. But if you see in Europe, all the countries have a different language but the culture is almost the same whether you go to Germany, France etc.

IIM Bangalore PGSEM MBA Blog: Remembering The PGSEM Interview

The interviews were to be conducted over two days of the weekend and my slot was the first one, the 10 am slot on the first day. Other than this, I was asked on nothing from SOP, and nothing else from anything else either.

Anthonyprakash 25 March at I moved to this role from a technical profile because it involves essa with people and is more business oriented, which is where I want to be, on the business side. The American and the Indian?

pgsem essay topics

All the members left. What kind of contracts are these? But will you continue your business Surely I will do P2:

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