Put here purely to share with pupils. Bangalore has highest number of pubs in Asia. Explore the map showing Nikes global manufacturing locations. Biodiversity and change Sustainability and the Environment. The variety of urban environments 2.

If you did a quick survey of the items in your house and count up the different examples of TNCs you would be surprised by how many are in your home. Measuring food and health. The value of oceans 4. Nike has been working in China for over 30 years when they started to sub-contract production to overseas factories. World at Risk Compulsory Case Study

How can Nike help development in China? The US sportswear company Nike have had a sizeable number of factories based in China for ccase years. The jobs that have been brought into China often provide a much better standard of living than other local jobs. Posts about World Bank written by geographycasestudies.

The value of oceans 4.

nike tnc geography case study

Task 5 – Make it clear that the sweatshop workers could be swayed either way. Over the Horizon Migration to the EU. Case study on globalization at general electric Nayemul Hasan Nayem. Markscheme will be added here shortly.


Globalisation – CCEA – Revision 4 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

Globalisation and migration What you need to know: Causes of global climate change 2. A case study about the transnational corporation, NIKE.

On a single side of A4 draw a 3×3 grid 9 squares. Task 2 – Students complete activities from P. Changing urban systems 3. A and a developing nation of your choice. Slideshow outlining pro’s and con’s of Nike’s international activities.

nike tnc geography case study

Earthquake Case Studies – GeographyMonkey. Leisure at the local scale: This needs to be managed carefully to avoid all hell breaking loose.


How can Nike hinder development in China? Coral reefs and mangroves. Geopolitics of oceans 5. Think about the images, people and music.

nike tnc geography case study

Nike production in China The US sportswear company Nike have had a sizeable number of factories based in China for many years. Measurements of regional and global disparities. In a quest to be knowledgeable, you should be pushing yourself to gather further information.

nike tnc geography case study

Many of the world’s largest TNC are Nike as a case Study. Nike – Globalisation by mrgeography – Teaching Free knowledge, concepts and ideas about marketing management and marketing strategy.


Read the Forbes page on Nike, Insert a key hike or figure into each box. These factories provide valuable jobs to the workers although the wider implications of these factories can sometimes help and hinder development in China.

Case Study 1 – Secondary Sector TNC – Nike

Stdy could group together to protest about the conditions experienced in these factories or they could be won over by the Nike corporation who could use them to highlight how they are paid more than local industry workers, betters terms and conditions etc etc. For those in the know Introduce the lesson by showing the Nike Promo video above. Task – Using csae the resources here and the task sheet to the left, plan, stage and direct your video to show the issues involved in NIDL of Nike products.