Pricing of our Product The price of our product is at low of cost and easily affordable as compared to our competitors, so that our product will remain more attractive in the eyes of people and this may help to increase our customers. Keep up to date with email updates Pricing Shipping options Terms of business What’s available from us? McLoughlin and Mary Shelman Keywords: Backyard poultry farming has to graduate to a more professional level. These kind of campaigns can be conducted in hyper star, metro and other places where people used to visit regularly. This is called market targeting. The increasing demand of our products all over the country explains the worth; our promises are getting through our valuable customers.

All fields Reference no. They also support their chicken stores even they were proved costly in the beginning because this idea gives opportunity to deeply understand the consumer behavior and to penetrate in the market. We will adopt this type of advertising when we want to introduce some new discount packages or sales offers. Propositions to help advance the theory. Our product would be a perfect one enjoying highly profitable sales and customer relationships as it would be providing the very desi look and an absolute desi taste desired by the local consumers. Technology is highly involved in the production so we will hire trained staff, those who knows how to operate the machines.

Research Approaches The research approaches we used to evaluate our products were the observation research and the survey research. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them.

As with many questions facing Zespri inthere are risks of moving too fast as well as too slow. They have there own breading and poultry forms, from where they get there raw material for their product.


Poultry production, the quickest and least expensive way of filling the protein gap was planned to overcome malnutrition. These are the segments that can be called the time savers and our product will make them have a refreshing breakfast without time consumption. This coordinated structure enabled Zespri to control quality, build a brand, and command premium prices in export markets.

After that we determine different tasks to accomplish those objectives and at the end we estimate the cost utilize in performing these tasks.

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These factors are the basic strengths of our product inherited from the company setup. Cite View Details Purchase. Basically these adjustment strategies are according to the taste, culture and the changing situation of the market. A very inspiring example comes in my mind when I talk about productive workforce before manufacturing and during manufacturing, the CEO of Tata motors decides to change pakitsan typical mindset of Tata pakjstan because they are going to made a breakthrough car NANO.

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According to this method first we define our promotion objectives, that why are we promoting our product? Finance General Management Marketing. A survey research was conducted about the about their attitude, preferences and the buying behavior. Like if they low their price it will decrease our sales so we should adopt strategies to increase it by lowering our price, giving discounts or improving quality of our product.

McLoughlin, and Mary Shelman. They started giving spiritual and technical training to their labor this can help in changing view of typical labor and allows them to think in a productive way more over training will boost their moral and commitment.

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Choosing positioning strategy To position the product different companies use different positioning strategies. We apply this strategy to keep our product prices lower so that by doing this we attract a large numbers of buyers pa,istan also to gain large market shares.


We segmented our product price in the following ways. We have decided hostilities students, job oriented men and women and teenagers.

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After defining the problems and developing a research plan we implement the research plan and our research and development department will we handling the affairs and interpreter the findings. They also support their chicken stores even they were proved costly in the beginning because this idea gives opportunity to deeply understand the consumer behavior and to penetrate in the market.

McLoughlin and Mary Shelman. People liked a combination of spicy and cheesy flavors. Because in this conflict; conflict lies between different levels of syudy same product, is even more common Marketing System Our product may consist of vertical marketing system VMS because it is such type of distribution channel in which producers, wholesalers, retailers act as. My account New to The Case Centre?

You can mold your questionnaire as you want and in any way to gather your required information.

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Initiating a Price increase: Our product is mainly focusing on the working women and the hostilities. There are various factors involved that the target customers were looking for like the type of packaging, pricing 2.

k&n pakistan case study

They also think that the company is greedy and they are charging more prices for their product. Bell and John Masko.