We examined the efficacy of using X factors as indicators for depression in Y subjects in Z regions through a month prospective cohort study and can confirm that monitoring the levels of X is critical to identifying the onset of depression, regardless of geographical influences. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and revised privacy policy. Your Paper, Your Way: If you have questions, please contact the editorial office. Information for Authors – thelancet.

Share your lessons with us by showing through your stories rather than telling. Learn how to write a convincing journal submission cover letter, starting from what to include and exclude. This page provides instructions for authors for both: JGIM is committed to making the review process as timely and useful as possible for authors. When can I expect a response from the journal once the journal submission is complete? In other words, your paper, if published, must make them money. You have worked hard to prepare your manuscript for submission to a journal

Cover letter for formqt submission writing a cover letter for your scientific manuscript eg short fiction cover letter by kimberlydawn on deviantart cover letter Composing a Compelling Cover Letter.

Journal Submission Cover Letter. There are many uses of the hand in medicine, but we are proposing another use: We are looking for images from cases you saw that you found educational.


As we explained above, failure to include required statements will lead to automatic rejection.

jgim cover letter format

Learn How to Submit Here. Manuscript submission to all Lancet journals is free.

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Responding to Reviewer Comments on Your Manuscript: Although prior research has identified a few methods that could be used in depression screening, such as Coveer and Y, the applications developed from those findings have been cost-prohibitive and difficult to administer on a national level.

In other words, your paper, if published, must make them money.

Vivamus in condimentum magna. We have included 2 templates, that both satisfy submission requirements for the Journal.

jgim cover letter format

JGIM is committed to making the leter process as timely and useful as possible for authors. Remember Me Log in Sign in with Facebook. Manuscripts including correspondence letters We are looking for writing that is true to who you are.

Please read carefully and follow the appropriate instructions. How important is the cover letter when submitting an Whether a poem, a short story, or a quick note, writing allows us to synthesize and organize the many scattered thoughts, emotions, and experiences that circulate loosely through our minds.


Authors must prepare and covr, with their manuscript, a cover letter which includes the following information: Writing a Strong Research Paper Introduction. Most Viewed Articles 73 Views.

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Sign up Lost your password? Afe Alexis Read Article. I have tried for online submission of the manuscript only to a reputed journal of Elsevier. This includes personalizing content. Information for Authors – thelancet.

jgim cover letter format

Getting Published in the Life Useful phrases to discuss your findings and conclusion include: Editors must select articles that will interest their readers. Filardo MD Read Article. Cover Letter and Submission form Preparation – Getting Cover letter for journal submission example cover letter cover letter journal submission journal submission sample of cover letter letter journal submission cv making How to write a great cover letter for a scientific