Being an international language, maximum number of synopsis is submitted in English , followed by 32 Synopsis submitted in Hindi. The gateway supports promote their adoption in actual practice by all search, browse and multiple listing to the indexing libraries, in order to facilitate pooling, sharing and contents on diversified subjects. D to forward the soft copy of both the Synopsis and Thesis of M. Developed by The University of Vermont-Burlington, this database hopes to serve as a central location where researchers can browse, connect, and build upon the ongoing Farm to Plate research in Food Systems in Vermont. Currently maximum number of synopsis are submitted on Pure Sciences viz. Libraries in India Digital libraries.

Presence of synopsis of the research work is an additional advantage to the research in progress database. MLA stresses that the students must be knowledgeable in information science essential to develop quantitative and qualitative research. There should be some system which will maintain a database of ongoing research work in order to avoid duplication of research. Digitisation of theses and dissertations: This page was last edited on 20 December , at Life Sciences 01

Responsibilities of the Coordinator include timely submission of soft copies of PhD theses submitted to the University to Shodhganga and to verify the correctness and completeness of these soft copies.

Case reports, opinions and comparative research requirements of some MLIS programs are some of the important components of the study. D to forward the soft copy of both the Synopsis and Thesis of M. Table 1 provides the current status of OJAS gangogri indicates number of published organizations and number of journals that each has published. Five Universities from Tamil Nadu contribute 18 synopses.


Indian Legal Thought 05 Some Indian Universities provide information about Research in Progress but the lists are not updated. Open access initiatives and its impact on scientific communities: But, none of these have any database of Research in Progress. The fear of plagiarism might be one of the reasons due to which universities and institutions do not submit their Research in Progress or full text ETDs.


The aim of the OJAS initiatives is to encourage Indian universities and institutions that are publishing Available online: All the theses being deposited in Shodhganga are available to all users in open access.

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In India, every year large number of research scholars submit their M. The research impact of OA articles as measured by the References number of citations varies from discipline to discipline.

gangotri phd thesis

The synopses are made available in open access and may be browsed globally. Skip to main content.


Research in Progress in India by discipline: Bora College, shantashrees yahoo. The gateway supports promote their adoption in actual practice by all search, browse and multiple listing to the indexing libraries, in order to facilitate pooling, sharing and contents on diversified subjects. The article explains the pilot project that was developed in conjunction with the Tjesis Language Association to disseminate information about articles accepted by journals, but not yet published, in the fields of language, literature, linguistics, and folklore.

A total of Research in Progress was identified in various subjects in Indian Universities during the period of 1st May 18th June and were studied according to the objectives of the study.

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Open access; INFLIBNET; OJS; Info Port; Shodh ganga; Shodh gangotri; India Introduction scientific community of young researchers, it The development pbd Information and would unaffected and unencumbered from the Communication Technologies ICT in research limitations of subscription costs, licensing and education sector has resulted in the arrangements and copyright inherent to the availability, accessibility and efficient traditional model of commercial journal publishing dissemination of information resources.


The full text of all the documents submitted to Shodhganga are available gangori read and to download in open access to the academic community worldwide. Some universities and institutions in foreign countries maintain database of research in progress.

gangotri phd thesis

Homepage of ShodhGangotri Research Objectives: Log In Sign Up. Once the full text of a particular thesis is submitted and uploaded, a link to the full text in Shodhganga from synopsis in Shodhgangotri is provided.

State Count of University Sum of No. This repository aims at highlighting the research trends followed across Indian universities and thus prevents duplication of efforts in research.

Online available at Archives: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Research in Progress Databases in India: A Boon for Researchers.

D synopses in the repository, gaangotri by Kerala having two Universities which contribute synopses. The OJS initiative has a tremendous continuously doing efforts towards open access impact upon the scientific communities and publishing and open archives. With availability of such huge and convince the scholarly world for open access important digital resources, accessibility becomes publishing.

In the and help researchers, postgraduate students, scholarly world, Internet has become an librarians and other stakeholders thesos incorporate information hub that contains all types of open Access approaches into their existing information resources such as books, journals, research methodologies.