Your recommended study guides.. You see, as soon as the prompts become viewable you immediately begin to formulate a plan and an argument — defeating the purpose of the essay portion of the FSOT. Which sections do you feel comfortable with? When I practiced, I would tell myself I had minutes and that I could not go over this time limit. You are commenting using your WordPress. Most importantly, know the test. Some people feel that these entertainers should stick to their own business, while others believe that they have a right, and perhaps even an obligation, to speak their minds.

I suggest Word or Grammarly , a powerful spelling and grammar checking online software seriously this program has caught more grammer mistakes than Word. This is a good question to chalk up to the rest of the audience and I hope someone responds. Which sections do you most need to prepare for? All you have to do is click on the Amazon link. If it is from personal experience or it is an opinion, say so.

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FSOT: Test Prep Study Questions

All you have to do is click on the Amazon link. Welcome to Fso, the front page of the internet. Many believe that it is the United States’ obligation as the wealthiest nation in the world to help those who are poorer.

fsot practice essay prompts

Once you feel as though you are prepared again and have taken our recommendations for that category, prachice you should take another one of our practice tests. That said, this one still works great for it.


We have gotten so used to using Word or a similar product that we take for granted what it does automatically: I created the initial simulator to help solve some problems I was facing when trying prrompts practice the essay portion of the FSOT. You can basically count on needing to know absolutely everything this guide includes.

How to pass the FSOT

I love that i feel prepared for the test and that it is easy to follow and has a practice test with answers to guide me. He not only covers the Knowledge section, he also goes into detail on all portions of the exam and the selection process.

An in-depth outline can help you visualize the entire essay, which you can also write, if you want the practice. There are a total of four sections on the test: Are we expected to name sources or material in the writing section to get a good essay score? However, I believe they never checked out the other two study guides like I did.

If you need to study this aspect, just practice writing, and almost any standardized tests with an essay portion should help.

In my opinion, the hardest part about this section is the timing. This multiple-choice section simply tests your English grammar. If this is a tricky section for you, get yourself an SAT prep book and review the Esssy section.

FSOT Practice Test: Free Online Version

PracticeQuiz content is free on an ad-supported model. Applicants can register for fdot exam during the three annual testing windows, and those taking it must be U. You can join our public Discord chat here: When you are taking the FSOT, you have no idea what the question will be. Submit a new text post. State that you are the owner. This content is provided for informational purposes only.


fsot practice essay prompts

These will help really drill the core concepts and ideas into your brain. Want to add to the discussion? Which sections do you most need to prepare for?

However, the best way to make this sub as helpful sesay possible is to have as many people contribute as possible. Since you are limited in characters, it might be best to just name the source and then write the point. If five does that mean I can use the simulator up to prlmpts times to track improvement? Additionally, the timer needs to appear on the screen, so I am aware of the dwindling limit.

You can retake this as many times as you like by sending me an email. Foreign Service and are currently preparing, or wish to prepare for, the Foreign Service Officer written and oral assessments. The job knowledge and situational judgement sections will both cover a wide array of subjects including:.