List of IDRs under study S. Facilitates the development and sharing of digital teaching materials and aids 9. However, at the time of research, some of the URLs were not working properly or had shifted their base like National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India http: Types of Repository Type No. Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings 2. However, the findings of our study suggest that IDRs could become a compelling and useful tool for collecting, organizing and disseminating intellectual output of an institute. DSpace October http:

EPrints Uppsala University http: DSpace University http: DSpace Salesiana http: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Dokumentenserver Campus Duisburg 18 May

DoKS October http: DSpace University http: Along with ETDs, these repositories also contain articles, conference proceedings, books, patents, multimedia objects etc.

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DSpace Technology http: Retrieved May 21,from www. Majority of the E-theses repositories were dedicated to science and technology.

TIET Digital Repository: Browsing DSpace

Provides a workspace for work-in-progress, and for collaborative or large-scale projects 7. If properly implemented with the existing practices, IDRs has the potential to fulfill many unmet expectations.


dspace thesis thapar

Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings 2. DSpace of Science and http: Help Center Find new research papers in: Association of Research Libraries. EPrints November Paul Sabatier http: DSpace Network Center http: D Degree, Regulation, dated 1st June provides for submission of electronic version of theses and dissertations with an aim to facilitate open access to Indian theses and dissertation to the academic community world-wide.

Whatever software a repository chooses, all adhere to standards of interoperability and metadata harvesting laid down in at the Santa Fe convention as the Open Archives Initiative.

EPrints Nottingham http: Growth Rate of Repository year-wise Figure 2: Griffith University January http: Increase in the number of E-theses repositories is seen after the BOAI inwith the maximum being recorded in Supports student endeavours, providing access to theses and dissertations and a location for the development of e- portfolios What is an Institutional Repository?

Number of Objects Based on data and statistics as given by 60 repositories, it appears that there is a vast difference amongst repositories in terms dspce average number of digital objects contained.

How do they work? IRs are being established for a variety of reasons: Retrieved April 10, from www.


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Home 24 Vidyanidhi, University of EPrints Laboratory http: Retrieved January 05, from http: In India, Institutional repository movement was started in and is gaining momentum and new initiatives are emerging around the country. DSpace University of Fort Hare http: Electronics communications Technology 21 Indian Institute http: The message of a theses or dissertation may be better conveyed electronically than in a paper document.

References Budapest Open Access Initiative Types of Repository Type No. Repositories by Software Type Special items Few repositories have accumulated special items other than books, thapa, articles, journals, reports etc.

However, at the time of research, some of the URLs were not working properly or had shifted their base like National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India http: ETD-db Library http: