Top tips and advice on postgraduate and masters courses at Danube University Krems. The developments identi- fied can be characterised as moves towards an increasingly computer-assisted network economy. Recommendations for participants, talks and rooms at conferences. Gastkommentar in der Austria Presse Agentur: WING-Business, 03 , Empirical research suggests that there is an impact of organizational characteristics on individual work-related learning processes.

Fields of Research Research Corner Stones. Social network analysis in organizations Informal presentation at the Austrian Institute of Technology. Log In Sign Up. Focusing exclusively on the changes in the use of email communication over time, two different methodological approaches are used to analyze the email data stream: Please do not cite without the authors permission In this paper, we propose a model of relevant organizational factors.

dissertation donau uni krems

Collaborative team networks and implications for strategic Dissertztion. Conferences, Coffee and Complexity more. Organisationsforscher Lukas Zenk will Kongresse und Tagungen effizienter machen. Visual analysis of dynamic networks using change centrality more.

dissertation donau uni krems

Systemische Unternehmens- und Organisationsberatung. Remember me on this computer. Log In Sign Up.

The development of a user-friendly interface should enable also non-professional users to visually analyze and explore complex networks and their dynamics. Work-related individual and organizational learning Skip to main content. Work-related individual and organizational learning processes in organizations provide the foundations for such individual and organizational knowledge and capabilities.


Help Center Find new research papers in: A dynamic network approach to explain high and low performing teams.

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Situated organisational mapping [in german]. Situated organizational mapping [in german]. Eine empirische Analyse von Email-Interaktionen.

The use of social network analysis is an established although still not common approach to better understanding organizational structures. Innovative technologies to support communicative processes as well as integrative event designs to enable participants to exchange their knowledge more efficiently.

As network dynamics can be visualized using various methods, a comparative analysis of their respective strengths and weaknesses lays the basis for the suggested integration of additional disserttation methods into network exploration and disertation procedures. Situated Organizational Mapping more.

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Beyond the name tag. It draws on different social theories to predict typical patterns that correlate with high or low team performance.

Research focus and current projects. Aiming to enhance the perception of structural changes at both the micro and the macro level, we introduce the change centrality metric. Management of situated e-learning in organizations. Context assessment as a basis for appropriate support of individual and organizational learning.


Proceedings of the Wissensmanagement-Tage pp.

Dissertation donau uni krems

This position paper takes on this challenge by outlining a strategy of user-driven software development which aims to shift analytical procedures from the numerical to the visual realm.

First we summarize empirical Praktische Anwendungen der sozialen Netzwerkanalyse more. Founded in, Donau-Universitt Krems Danube University Krems is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the suburban setting of the medium-sized town of Krems an der Donau population range of 10; 49, inhabitants, Lower Austria. Translation in the network economy. Visual Enterprise Network Analytics Dynamic network visualizations in organizations and development of software prototype Role: As its focus will be the How to analyze dynamic network patterns of high performing teams.

The goal of the work presented here is to provide suggestions for an organization to develop a training strategy specifically tailored to its particular needs.

dissertation donau uni krems

Management of Situated E-Learning in Organizations more.