Chemistry and heterocyclic compunds containing nitrogen oxygen and sulphur. Controlled degradation of diene elastomers: Development and application of non-iterative methods for calculation of electric response properties within density functional theory. Hydrogel membranes for bio-separations. Fungal mediated biotransformations of organic carbonyl group and inorganic compounds. Analytical approach to problems in organic chemistry high-performance liquid chromatography.

Electron spectroscopic studis on metal oxide varistors. Asymmetric hydroxylations of olefins, reductions of kletones and C-H activation of hydrocarbons by transition metal catalysis. Facile synthesis of azeridines using copper hydrotalcite under microwave irradiation, synthesis of 3-substituted-2 1II – quinolinones catalyzed by hyrotalcite like anionic clays, rearrangement of alpha- pinene epoxide to campholenice aldehyde with modifi. Activation of small molecules for cycloaddition and coupling reactions over transition metal catalysis. Engineered metal oxide and chalcogenide nanomaterials for sensitized solar cells and solar photoelectrochemical water splitting. Green process for the conversion of hemicellulose. DNA triple helix stabilization using engineered hydrogen bonds and modified backbones.

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Catalytic chlorination of ethylene and tetrachloroethylene to hexachloroethane. Gas hydrate studies for carbon dioxide capture and methane recovery. Electronic resonances by the method of complex scaling and complex absorbing potentials within the framework of coupled cluster theory. Design and synthesis of supramolecular disserttation of organic and coordination complexes. Electrochemical synthesis and functionalization of carbon based nanomaterials.


Smart India Hackathon Aromatization of alkanes over Pt incorporated molecular sieves: Computational dissretation of stage-specific and species specific factors of the leishmania parasite to understand the survival strategies. Development of novel antifungal agents using fungal cell wall as a target. Mechanistic aspects of controlled release delivery systems based on hydrogels.

Environ-friendly production of hydrogen peroxide from direct catalytic liquid phase oxidation of hydrogen or hydrogen-containing compounds.

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High-throughput analysis tools for mass spectrometry based data quantitation. Biochemical studies on some aspects of nitrogen metabolism in mycobacterium SP.

Development of homogenous and heterogeneous transition metal based catalytic organic synthetic methodologies and synthetic studies towards bioactive molecules. Elucidating molecular mechanism of antiglycation compounds by proteomic approaches.

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Biodegradable polymer based delivery systems for macromolecules. If you are a student, please log on, otherwise please. Dossertation synthesis of bioactive molecules and catalysis by novel palladium complexes in C-C bond formation. Flow modeling and mixing in packed bed reactor.

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Dna fingerprinting and molecular characterization of microsatellites and minisatellites in rice. Designdevelopment and fabrication of PC based quartz crystal microbalance and its implementation to study molecular recognition process in lipid films.

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Employment of heterogeneous base catalysts in the depolymerization of lignin and upgradaion of lignin model compounds. Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules and oxyfunctionalization of alkenes.


Design synthesis and bioevaluation of bile acid B-lactam conjugates, dissdrtation directed nncl the synthesis of squalamine and enantioselective reduction of prochiral ketones using chiral amino alchols.

Acyl transfer reactions in hydroxyl ester derivatives, their analogs and the investigation of the synthetic potential of rigid inositol derivatives. Microbial synthesis of metal oxide and metal nanoparticales. Investigation of natural terpenoids and their transformation products. Dielectric and other properties of thin films.

CdSe and its hybrid materials for energy applications. Modeling of rotary cement kilns.

Studies in terpenoids “dissertation for M.Sc. degree

High dielectric constant PVDF based nanocomposites for applications in low thermal emissivity and field effect devices. Development of pun strategies for control of lepidopteran insect pest.

Enthalpy effects in Ionic Liquids and mixing schemes in Aqueous Ionic systems. Condensed chromatin in higher plants. Aqueous two phase systems for down stream processing of proteins.