Hi Jessica- Students who apply for the Fall semester are sent an email about 2 weeks after they submit their application with directions on how to set up a MyUMBC self service account. Does Deferred basically mean rejection? Hi, I recently registered for the campus tour and information session scheduled for February the twenty-seventh. Hi, i was just wondering for the common do you know if we have to submit all the SAT scores or just the one we want you to see. Good luck with your summer classes! Hi, I just got the email you sent me about checking my application status the other day ago.

If so, what information should be filled on the recommendation form, since many fields are not applicable? Can you please reply back with other alternativies with which i can solve this problem. You should only complete one of the application options. How many umbc prepharmacy students get into a pharmacy school? I have sent it on December even though I have just sent my application on February 1. Applicants for the Spring semester will probably hear from us about weeks after their application becomes complete.

umbc honors essay

Hi Julie- If students earn a semester grade point average of 3. For example, if a student applies for the fall term essaj is not admitted, the student can use the application again to be considered for the spring semester. The chess team only has 4 people on it and most students don’t play chess regularly.

umbc honors essay

Hi, I did get an admission for fall and got an email saying that i need to make an appointment for placement test. We do not have a minimum GPA requirement for transfer students but our average GPA of admitted transfer students is 3.

If you are not a member of this program you can mail your application fee as a check to our office. However, if a student is transferring from a community college the student will only be able to transfer 60 of their previous credits to UMBC. Hi Diana, A student umvc needs to score a four or a five on an AP exam in order to receive credit.


Will the check my application Status be updated as soon as the decision is made? One thing in common at UMBC however is this: We are reviewing applications and sending out letters on a weekly basis at this point.

Undergraduate Admissions

Will this be enough for them to make a decision? Hi Alice- If you received an Honorable Mention for the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program you are eligible for an application fee wavier.

Hi Jessica- If you need to resend your transcripts or other required materials it honofs not lower your chances of admission, we will still give your application a full review. If UMBC does not want me in the that program, will they complete reject my application? Please send all of your credentials as soon as possible.

If you answered yes to being a member your fee would be waived and you would need to send proof of membership. Please can I have information honlrs admissions, scholarships and loans for international students thank you and Best Regards. Does Deferred basically mean rejection? If you are still having troubles, feel free to e-mail admissions umbc. Can I just stick it in my envelope, along with my application that I am going to mail?

UMBC Undergraduate Admissions: Honors College

What address would I mail the reccomendations to- the honors college admissins office or regular college admissions office? Me, high school counselor, my neurologist? We will be sending our EA decision letters out soon and even students who are deferred to Regular Decision will receive a letter.


Hello Josh, I submitted my application electronically on March 5 for the early consideration this Fall semester. Students who are part of these programs must mail proof of hnors with their application in order to have their fee waived. Hi Bobby, It is our and basically all colleges and universities expectation that you maintain a strong academic record during your senior year. We recommend including UMBC on your list of schools to have the scores sent to if you would like the scores considered for EA.

The major ummbc be a B. You’re all caught up. I thought that was only for freshman?

umbc honors essay

All financial aid information will be available through MyUMBC, including any additional follow up paperwork a student might have. I was wondering if imbc address of the school is what we should put on the envelopes we give to our teachers and councilors.

Thus, the stereotype of Asian students being highly tech savvy also plays into the perceived accuracy of the name, and some people appear to be under the impression that UMBC is only for “computer nerds” and “science junkies.

If a student is not offered admission we allow the student to update his or her application to be considered for one additional semester. However, on the online application it only allows me to click Essxy Decision, the Early Action bubble cannot be clicked.