What is the governing body More information. Regional cost adjustment factors there are additional regional cost adjustment factors that impact on our EPN network, particularly in the south of the region in London. Publish an annual strategic development statement for Central London Eastern Power Networks Reinforcement due to impact of distributed generation our EPN network has seen high levels of distributed generation project connections, in particular in the north of the East, where demand is relatively low. Our business plan for Reduce the number of 12 hour failures by more than 30 per cent

In particular they requested that the secondary deliverables supporting the environmental output should distinguish between UK Power Networks response to the low carbon economy and its services or activities, over which it has direct control i. Improve performance of all UKPN DNOs in all components of the customer satisfaction survey achieving an average overall performance of 8. We are owned by a consortium of Hong Kong based investors controlled by the Cheung Kong Group CKG , who are long term investors in utility infrastructure worldwide. Helping our clients win in the changing world of work: Derbyshire County Council Management Policy Statement The Authority adopts a proactive approach to Management to achieve Best Value and continuous improvement and is committed to the effective management More information. Highlights from our plan.

Maintain LPN s position as having the lowest level of customer interruptions and customer minutes lost in the UK targeting 23 CIs 7 per cent improvement and 30 CMLs 8 per cent improvement for unplanned interruptions Our 77 output commitments December storms review impact on electricity distribution customers Reference: The material reflected in this staff paper has. Supporting transformative change in the energy market Non Traditional Business Models: As a result of further discussions with Ofgem who confirmed that the current regulatory framework does not support ahead of need investment in infrastructure and that they would not support changes in this area UKPN has reduced the additional investment in capital network infrastructure to million.

This means we deliver the following activities: We have also made significant progress in connections customer service and in meeting the requirement to free up competition in the connections services arena. Introduction Purpose More information.


UK Power Networks – Business Plan

Continue to recycle 70 per cent of office and depot waste and 98 per cent of street works spoil Our Final Business Plans set out what we plan to deliver for customers, how we have engaged with stakeholders to produce the plans, and what the plans will cost. For indirect costs we have either set the benchmark at industry average or used independent specialist advisors to assess appropriate cost levels, Project specific assessment due to the unique nature of some project and programmes of work UKPN has developed specific project justifications, Cost Benefit Analysis CBA UKPN has used cost benefit analysis to justify projects against Ofgem agreed criteria, and External benchmark review external consultants were appointed to review and assess the efficiency of IT and property costs.

In its draft November business plan UKPN proposed an additional investment of million in capital network infrastructure to reduce network utilisation and 40 million of investment to improve network resilience and performance. Our targets are specific, measurable, and time-bounded.

Maintain sulphur hexafluoride SF6 leakage at less than 0. As a result we have decided not to apply any regional cost adjustment to uukpn EPN network cost base.

In today s tough economic climate, demands on customers are increasing and we are very conscious that whilst electricity distribution costs represent only approximately 16 per cent of the electricity bill, UK Power Networks has a key part to play in making electricity rii. Network costs – August forecast business busiess questionnaire rules: Some of the key changes we made included: We have published two draft plans already. The purpose of this report More information.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

As a natural monopoly our charges are regulated by Ofgem, the economic regulator for the UK electricity and gas utility sector and we must submit business plans such as this one for Ofgem s approval. Non-operational capital expenditure expenditure on new and replacement assets which are not system assets, such as IT and property in DPCR5 is eight per cent above the Ofgem riko largely due to expenditure on IT separation from, the previous owner and on the Business Transformation project.


Resources higher ukpnn rates and allowances, Security higher network asset security requirements and access to assets, Properties purchasing and accessing higher cost land and buildings, and Contractors higher contracted labour rates due to bksiness of skilled labour.

We are ahead of plan on network investment as measured by load and health indices; customer service is improving; we are making cost savings that we will pass on to customers; most importantly the safety of our network is paramount.

UK Power Networks Business plan (2015 to 2023) Executive summary

Recruit and train over 1, staff as well as up-skill and develop existing employees to ensure that we maintain a suitably skilled and motivated workforce For further information on our output measures please see UK Power Networks Core Narrative, Section 4. Electricity Distribution Price Control Review. The six output categories defined in Ofgem s RIIO-ED1 Draft Strategy Decision, The primary outputs under each of the six output categories but they requested more detail in some areasand The proposed secondary deliverables, albeit some suggestions for additional secondary deliverables were made.

That Fd1 resolves that the Chair of the Environment More information. Wholesale costs u,pn electricity generation More information. Publish an annual progress update to Ofgem and stakeholders Since our formation as UK Power Networks nearly three years ago, we have delivered a step change in performance in all of these measures as well as operating in a socially responsible manner and investing heavily in innovation.

The efficiency scores calculated by the models are shown in Figure 7. Highlights from our plan.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

We have engaged with hundreds of stakeholders, starting with consultation on our planning assumptions nearly two years ago.