After graduation, our job will be a major part of our life. Bookkeeper Resume Samples Bookkeeper. Taking advantage of every opportunity and making the most out of it will give us more experience than we expected. A few seemed to be going through the motions rather than becoming fully engaged. As you get comfortable in your summer job or internship, it is important to remember to follow proper business protocol and etiquette even when the atmosphere is relaxed.

I want to share with you a few brief comments about your opportunities to meet one on one with a Coach to assist you achieve your career goals. Make an appointment to discuss your internship interests and identify any leads. But it can often be those unimportant tasks that help to separate your resume from the other job candidates. The Career Development Center serves any IU student interested in locating internship positions related to their interests and career plans. As demonstrated by bookkeeper resume samples, quantifying your accomplishments in this section is also best practice. Tell everyone you know that you are seeking an internship. Summer break is over.

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Unless otherwise stated, a career fair requires professional business attire. The impression you make while working during this short time period does make a difference.

Many members of the academic community also have industry affiliations that may lead to possible internship positions. However, life is unpredictable.

The Cognitive Science Program has established an online Undergraduate Research Fair specifically to help our undergraduates find opportunities for important experience in IU labs.

Bring mints, but do not have them in your mouth when you approach a recruiter. Professional appearances make a big impact on recruiters! And now the Newell Rubbermaid interns are ready to tackle anything that comes their way. Please be sure to review the Important Notices: Many of the career related services offices on campus include a list of internship related links on their home pages. Doing your homework on your personal brand, your target companies, the industries, and positions all demonstrate to recruiters how motivated you are to work with their company, and leaves them with a positive, professional impression of you!


A few seemed to be going through the motions rather than becoming fully engaged.

Undergraduate Career Services Office

Bring your student ID to register at the door and several copies of your resume to hand to recruiters. Additionally, some organizations will maintain online databases of internship and job opportunities.

Resumes are constantly uploaded into an electronic system as candidates apply online.

Need advice on the best way to reach out to a hiring manager? The policy document describes the philosophy and policies associated with internship course credit from the Cognitive Science Program.

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Career FairsIndustry DayPresentations. On the same note, I was impressed with Cardinal Health’s attitude toward industry changes. Also, it will serve you well to get familiar with the UCSO website. Directories and Guides to Internships Lether wealth of print-based internship directories or guides exist, and similar to internship related web sites, the challenge is finding resources that are current and fit your needs.

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Areas of Expertise Career Accomplishments Advanced Skills You can use bookkeeping resume samples to help determine whether you should use the chronological or functional resume format.

I had expected an intense and highly bureaucratic corporate environment. Recruiters will take note when you have clearly taken the time to dress appropriately and more so if you have not!

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Bookkeeper Resume Samples Bookkeeper. Set up shadow days with professionals in different functions and positions.


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Plan in advance what you will wear and make sure it has been cleaned and pressed do not wait until the day before. If you have decided to accept an offer of full-time employment most likely from your summer internshipyou should not participate in on-campus recruiting and should report the details to us as soon as possible. While a vast majority of recruiter feedback is positive, the miscues need to be acknowledged. Basic information, such as past year company revenues, core values, products, services, and locations, is easy to find on company Websites when you Google it.

Career fairs are a great opportunity to make connections with recruiters of your target companies.

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A simple spelling error can turn the facets of your fover skills into faucets. A job is posted online via internal company channels first – meaning people already within the organization will know about the opening before you- then it is placed on general job posting boards like CareerBuilderMonsteretc. Bidding begins for the first week of on-campus interviews. Cardinal HealthchallengesinternshipStudent Perspective. Having an all-day orientation as my first day at Cardinal Health eased my nerves about starting my first internship at the headquarters of a very large company; I met approximately 20 other interns, toured lettef campuses, and had lunch with my manager.