I would like to know that is it possible for me to be a eligible candidate to obtain a T1 Entrepreneur Visa to Take over a Convenience store and settle in the UK. If you do not score 10 points your application will be refused. A member of the team will contact you for a more further in-depth discussion of our services. Should you wish to discuss the matter further, I will be happy to arrange a consultation for you over the telephone from our office. Our client worked in the music industry in the Middle East. How viable and credible your source of funds is How much market research you have done in your chosen sector and whether you have a viable business plan Your business experience and academic qualifications Your immigration history The two main components of the Genuine Entrepreneur Test are your business plan and an interview with the Home Office. On the same day, after the lodging of the Judicial Review claim, response was received from the Respondent, agreeing to reconsider our client’s application.

This is the key requirement which you will need to consider almost immediately. After reading your query, I am confident that we can advise you regarding your case. A settlement application has considerably more detailed guidance notes published by the Home Office which must be followed meticulously. Contact me please, I live in Pakistan and having my personal business. You can provide a letter from a financial institution holding the funds, to confirm the amount of money available to you.

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Dear Sirs, I am asking about an extension application for tier 1 entrepreneur visa. Budiness from our office will be in touch shortly. To meet the eligibility requirements, you must also provide; – Evidence of a genuine and viable business plan.


The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is the natural visa to obtain for those wishing to start or invest in a business they will actively be involved in running in the UK. Any requested documents must be received by us at the specified address within 28 calendar days of the date of request.

Dear Sir, Thank you bysiness your question. We have a five year old child. Dear Sir, We note your query relating to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and type of business that could qualify for this visa category. Have you decided which structure or corporate vehicle is most appropriate for you and for your business?

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Your parents unfortunately cannot be considered busniess a PBS Dependant and they would have to apply for an Adult Dependant visa. We would like to start a business related to existing or any new stream.

Dear Sirs, Thank you for your enquiry. Remember — paying yourself a salary does not count! I can run a coaching institute there also but I am not able to understand about the feasibility of this business out there.

The challenges in obtaining the UK Tier 1 entrepreneur visa and staying compliant with the rules

Details are available in Appendix O of the Immigration Rules. You will need to be prepared as the interviewer will ask you many questions about your background, business knowledge and industry experience to help them decide on whether to grant you entry under the entrepreneur route. On the entreprensur day, after the lodging of the Judicial Review claim, response was received from the Respondent, agreeing to reconsider our client’s enrepreneur.

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I am looking forward for tier entrepreneurs visa. As well as ensuring you meet the immigration requirements, there are statutory duties and liabilities you should consider as an employer amongst other employment aspects. If you are granted leave on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, you will be able to remain in the UK legally for three years and four months.


How much is the home office fees for the extension application per person. Most importantly what services you can offer in case preparation like full business plan and rest of documentation.

Dear Madam, Many thanks for your immigration question. With the Immigration Rules changing so frequently and subtly, ensuring you remain compliant as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur migrant should be a key objective for you and your business. We are confused with many things and genuinely need some help.

You may receive a decision on your application within 3 weeks. We both work as full time employees with multinational companies. Dear Sir, Many thanks for your enquiry.

tier 1 entrepreneur 200k business plan

Thank you for your enquiry. Of course, he must also meet all the other requirements which can be discussed at length at a later stage.

Latest News about Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. By Profession, I am a Pharmacist with Master qualification. If you wish to invest in an existing UK business, you need to ensure your interests are well protected.

We can assist you with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application.

tier 1 entrepreneur 200k business plan