By doing so, the West has not only pooled together all the Eastern societies using a common denominator, but it has used this to define its own position as well. For your sake; for your freedom. Western historiography, in its teleological progression, has operated on not just the form of its historical discourse but also on its content. What actually qualifies for a historical event? White draws another parallel between the two by pointing out that for history, akin to fiction, to become proper and make sense to its readers, must provide in their narratives with a coherent plot.

The arrival of the West on the world scene changed the way in which borders functioned; they became much more rigid and much less fluid. The thesis per page does NOT increase, no matter how many amitav you choose. The map Tabula Rogeriana was widely used owing to its precision, transcending its Western versions in terms of the information that it provided. And therefore, the need to understand the role played by the so-called less active historical figures is as important as the one played by the more active ones. A suitable example has been provided by Said validating the idea that. The analogy that I wish to make here is that of European historicists who, while writing history, have done so from a Eurocentric and ethnocentric point of view. But no fact that is a cause is for that very reason historical.

He spoke for and represented her 6. Should we teach the language aspect of the trilogy with a view to assess the authenticity of each of the words and phrases from the different languages used? Narrating alternative histories is not challenging the historical narrative that is already written and exists but instead, it seeks to question the authority and the perspective behind its writing.

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Benjamin is of the view that there is a non-linear but a complexly dynamic connection between the past, the present and the future which is to be constructed and re-constructed by the author-historian. Cambridge University Press, 3rd editionp. I suggest here that the language of the Ibis trilogy should be taught as a crucial component of the narrative itself, whereby the trilogy makes a commentary on the politics that amitab espouses through language.


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Chambers is referring to the literary agency that was denied to the subjects of colonialism while making epistemological choices regarding the sources of their knowledge acquisition. One of the cardinal characteristics of alternative history is its structure.

thesis on amitav ghosh

Another consuming fact is that when European cartographers were making updated copies of Tabula Rogeriana, they had not only oriented the North at the top but had also placed Europe at its center to show their position of amitag over the world. It may very well be the case that this desire is driven by political reasons, for example.

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Upon studying aamitav letters, Ghosh observed vestiges of connections across the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. Writing fiction provides absolute freedom to its author to explore how a historical event is represented in the discourse. It is suggested here that, for the Gyosh, their notions and values were applied in a universal context in order to define what progress really meant.

Considering the individual titles of the Ibis Trilogy Sea of PoppiesRiver of SmokeFlood of Firethe importance of sea can be surmised as an entity that does not comply to the rigidity of man-made borders and boundaries on land.

The Guide by R. I have already mentioned the distortion involved when dealing with re-presentation.

Amita argument that history thhesis been written from an equivocal and a dubious position is echoed by both White and Goody. An author cannot translate or transcribe those events using verbal or written language. Munslow argues that there is no one history of anything as the tools used by each author-historian to represent the past will differ.

And Ghosh does this by narrating such consequential politico-historical events through the eyes of ordinary people. Ghosh is clearly interested in making visible and concretizing the role played by women in world history.

Ads help cover our server costs. Said argues that the relationship between the Occidental and the Orient is much the same.


thesis on amitav ghosh

Log In Sign Up. White draws another parallel between the two by pointing out that for history, akin to fiction, to become proper and make sense to its readers, must provide in their narratives with a coherent plot. In other words, the objective truth in history has come to be taken as a result of subjective representation.

In an Antique Land provides us with glimpses into the peace and tranquility of the pre-colonial world, the Ibis Trilogy encompasses the tumult and chaos under colonialism, while The Shadow Lines offers a perspective on postcolonial times.

thesis on amitav ghosh

Even though Amitav Ghosh does not consider himself as a postcolonial writer, his works nonetheless problematize the dominant position of the West and offer a possibility to construct an alternative history.

The reason gets changed in the novel from place to place.

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Generated by inexorable rhythmic forces, it is also directed by serendipity: It gives rise to questions such as: For Indian authors writing in English, the changing landscape of publishing in the digital age presents both unique challenges and opportunities for claiming their authority as public intellectuals and producing content that exists both This type of translatorial authorship over the literature of the East and the South in the past has also given the West another platform to reduce the position of the East and the South and reaffirm their own as more modern and dominant.

A historian who takes this as his point of departure stops telling the sequence of events like the beads of a rosary. Washington, dc the world around you. Once again, Ghosh presents the Global South with its rich interconnections and fluid mobility of its people until the West forced more aggressive forms of trade policies and rigid notions of borders.