Tarawit Sivakua Assistant Professor starawit chula. Moons river Krabuengyai, Phimai, Nakonrachasrima Thailand Currently based in Bangkok, she is a cofounder of architectural practice all zone , Ltd. He is a professional architect specializing in the field of interior renovation. Do they need any know-how in order to design those buildings or anyone can do it.

It is the place…. Bangkok, the capital city, needs to have capability for supporting growing economy. For this reason, Thailand has become a remarkable countries for applying forms and influences over time. His genius in… Read More. Pracha Sangsayan Assistant Professor sangsayan6 gmail. Phamornthep Amornvanichkij Lecturer pamonthep yahoo.

His research interests include cula survey and color in architecture. Assistant Professor bangkok gmail. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hotel is a residence for local and global businessmen. His core research topics include urban and architectural morphologies, architectural design and planning traditions derived from vernacular wisdom, deltaic settlement morphologies, and the conservation of architecture and community.

In fact, designing an architecture is not an easy task, especially public buildings such as malls, hospitals, and train stations which is full of users from all walks of life.

Architecture Thesis 2016 / Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University

He is a consultant for several green building projects and advocates for policies concerning the sustainable practices of Thailand? Meeting Facilities sq. Kaweekrai Srihiran Assistant Professor thwsis chula.


One of the important construction which support this is hotel. Her responsibility includes undergraduate and graduate courses in architectural design and theory, such as second year Architectural Design studios, Contemporary Architectural Theory and Aesthetics in Architecture.

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To design an architecture, a long hour of study, practice, and collect as many possibilities of designing as possible is needed so that we can create a new and innovative architecture that fits in the context and represents who we are. Pirast Pacharaswate Assistant Professor lpirast chula. His built design works include a storey center for the Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, the 8-storey residential complex Bang Khea Condominium and a number of private residences.

He has been teaching at Chulalongkorn University since and, in addition to leading courses in architectural design and on thesis topics, specializes in the fields of building materials and construction, construction management, construction planning, cost estimating, and building technology and construction.

Her research areas include history and theory of architecture, urbanism, and globalisation; technology and culture in architectural design in Thailand and Southeast Asia; and architectural conservation for addition or adaptive reuse. Sarayut Supsook Lecturer sarayuts chula. Pracha Sangsayan Assistant Professor chulx gmail.

Chatchai Wiriyakraikul Associate Professor wchatch2 gmail. State Property Land No. Chomchon Fusinpaiboon is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture.

Department of Architecture Chulalongkorn University

Pornprom Mannontaratana Lecturer npornprom gmail. Assistant Professor terdsak gmail.


thesis chula arch

Do they need any know-how in order to design those buildings or anyone can do it. His doctoral dissertation examines how a modern architectural culture was systematically established in Thailand during the s and s, and how it transformed traditional ideas of architecture and vice versa.

Designing a building or an architecture is about combining many field of knowledge thesie including functions, human psychology and behavior, geography, engineering, aesthetic, laws and regulations, environment, economy, culture and belief.

Thanit Chindavanig Associate Thesjs cthanit chula. Napat Kwanmuang Lecturer nkwanmuang gmail. In her classes, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and buildings, she explores the temporal conditions of architecture in Asian cities. Associate Professor piyalada yahoo. Her research focuses on issues of dwelling, spatial anthropology, architectural regeneration, cross-cultural studies, and Asian architecture and culture.

Currently based in Bangkok, she is a cofounder of architectural practice all zoneLtd. Change, Challenges, Charm,” part of a series of international workshops and lectures on building better cities in Asia in collaboration with young professionals.

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