Student swackhamer video contest video bts 1st win eng contest: King believed in the ideal of non-violence, that a non-violent person has control of himself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally Grade 5, Third Place B: Where there was trade, culture followed. We should all realize that the most wonderful thing about humanity is that we are all different from one another. We need newness and variation to create development.

Sure, various ethnic groups are represented in our miniscule area but we are not standing hand-in-hand fighting towards one cause. Dreaming in color is a concept that should be embraced, a concept where you hope for a future and world filled with people of many colors and ideas. In , I was only eight years old. The acceptance of different people by different people achieved through the spread of the values of the previously-stated heroes was only truly possible through one field: You need all of these things to have a good friendship with someone who is not like you. Loving others for who they are allows us all to become a single, unstoppable team. Sayings like “some of my best friends are black” are ubiquitous.

Love transcends endless boundaries, braves the roughest of waves, and grows like a rose in the smallest of cracks in a sidewalk of sadness. Humanity has the potential for greatness as a whole but the only way that everyone could achieve their utmost potential will be granted when there is communication, love, justice, education, friendship and courage.

Extremists across the world believe if that if you are not following their religion, you should be killed. Without butter or oil, the cookie would be dry. Aidan Shuda, Downing, Ms.


swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Why is it so hard to embrace our diversity if this how we were made? This is nature’s harmony in action, because every element is doing its part swackhqmer make the seedling the best it could possibly be.

Many of these trees stand over two hundred and seventy-five feet tall with a base diameter over thirty-six feet! But wistfully a essxy wall is built to disrupt its natural flow.

We all need to see that so many people are judged for something they can’t help.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

If we transfer this scenario to a larger scale, it shows that if everyone works together to help create harmony, within our culture, the world would be a great place! As a whole, we have to stop being afraid of accepting other people for their differences.

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Grade 7, Third Place: But people who could be a friend not an enemy We are free from the horrid racism of our past and we can now embrace and enjoy the diversity we have. King’s dream for cultural harmony today. Therefore, dreaming in color breaks down the barriers separating people with differences and allows any esday to form a bond. There would be separate water fountains. Tell us about your understanding of college and what it takesEach winner will receive a cashFind sources: Change like a dove on the wind will arrive and breathe life into a country that so desperately needs it.

Since the Sequoia cannot stand on its own solitary root, that single root system spread underneath the ground, unifies the humanity. Imagine if everyone in the world played together in the same symphony, it would be beautiful. Everyone has some talent and something to add to our lives. Click here for the National Federation of the Blind Scholarships! Thanks to Martin Luther King, Swakhamer. All around the world, new friendships are being formed.


Cultural harmony means not only that do you not care about someone else’s race or cultural beliefs, you also love them the same as another human being. Click here for Society of Physics Students Scholarships! The beauty of life isn’t simply that we have it, that’s the reality. Student swackhamer video contest video bts 1st win eng contest: Racism was rampant across our country‚Ķ I see Dr.

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Though without respect, even the perfect harmony is unable to be nurtured and grown into a symphony. King fought a good fight so we could fight as well, in classrooms, on buses, and in offices. I am proud to celebrate him today because he let all people leace and join hands to make this country better. One of the best ways to make sure we all get along is to essya everyone in our school and community in our activities. Yasmeen Siddiqi, Lamar Middle, Mrs.

Grade 8, Second Place: