He did not like the British because they were brutal to Bharatiyas and he wanted to drive them away when he grew up. A Bengali chap, as his last name suggests. He struck a conversation and realized Prafulla to be the other revolutionary. Aparupa Roy, his elder sister, brought him to her house at Hatgachha village under the Daspur Police Station. He reasoned that according to article of the penal code, the accused is required to submit his statement in front of a first class magistrate, which Mr. Secondary School English 5 points.

It was night time Khudiram and Prafulla Chaki sat on the ambush. But he was not an ordinary chap, he was a Bengali Revolutionary and probably one of the young Mrityunjay died during the trial, and subsequently, the trail of Kishorimohan was separated from that of Khudiram. Later Prafulla committed suicide and Khudiram was arrested. He identified the body of Prafulla and the British also received details from the encounter with sub-inspector Bannerjee. Do you have any questions?

Later Prafulla committed suicide and Khudiram was arrested. Banerjee tried to apprehend Prafulla at the Mokamaghat station.

short essay on khudiram bose in english

In his own words, Khudiram made a statement which was updated while under arrest, recorded by the special branch of the police, before he was hanged: Khudiram Bose became involved with the political party Jugantar to show his disobedience to the British government following the Partition of Bengal the same year.


Khudiram Bose was influenced by the notion of karma in the Bhagvad Gitaand was involved in revolutionary activities to free mother India from the clutches of British rule. On August 19,at six in the morning, Khudiram Bose was executed by the tyrannical British government.

Khudiram Bose

The English daily, The Statesmanwrote on the following day, 2 May Kingsford also earned notoriety among nationalists when he ordered the whipping of a young Engkish boy, Sushil Senfor participating in the protests that followed the Jugantar trial. They held a series of public lectures and private session with the existing revolutionary groups for freedom.

The revolutionary duo fled. Narayana Murthy Short Biography Profile He struck a conversation and realized Prafulla to be the other revolutionary. His father was a Tehsildar in the Nerajol.

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He was born on 3rd December Why do Hindus hold Nature in great reverence? The streets of Kolkata started to be choked up with processions all, at the same time, for several days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Magistrate Kingsford, however, was seated in a different carriage, resulting in the deaths of two British women. Pretending to be schoolboys, they surveyed the Muzaffarpur park situated opposite The British Club, frequented by Kingsford.

Conflicts Blessings Problem in grah He lost his mother when he was six years old.

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. His mother Lakshmipriya Devi was a pious lady, who was well known for her virtuous life and generosity.


Black Money in India. But, on a historical day, the British judges confirmed the conviction and sentence and dismissed the appeal.

short essay on khudiram bose in english

He was the fourth child of his parents. Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September in Lyallpur district of the Punjab. Only after Khudiram finished giving his statement, the body of Prafulla reached Muzaffarpur. Retrieved 5 June Khudiram was arrested and trialed for the murder of the two women, ultimately being sentenced to death.

He stated “that the Indian people will not win their freedom through these methods. Railway Recruitment Board Ajmer A. On the third day of the incident, Khudiram’s colleague Praful Chaki committed suicide by shooting a pistol with the fear of being caught by the police. The magistrate was known for his blatant judgements against the freedom fighters. He was cheerful and smiling.

Injustice and tyranny of the British were explained in the handbills and thus people kbudiram informed how British were cheating them through the exhibition. In those days Qiggs was the English magistrate Ford.