Model 3-Digit Numbers 2. How are digital colors represented with hexadecimal codes? Give the students the practice problem from Independent Activity 1 below. They are welcome to use online sources for pictures or create their own. Model Addition subtract within 10 1. Add four headings Punch cards, Magnetic polarity, Electrical voltage, Light intensity under which students will add content in the collaborative research activity. However, teachers may not require selection of particular topics for students.

Each student in the group should make their own copy of the worksheet, so they can bring them back to their original jigsaw groups. This lesson is adapted from Code. They compare and classify shapes by their sides and angles, andconnect these with definitions of shapes. This lesson is designed for students to review basic statistics, including calculations of the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation. They can be completed as an assignment, a math journaling exercise, integrated into another subject area, or within a remediation block.

Students will use abstraction to see the general process used in symmetric encryption.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Did your prediction match the result? Presentations 20 min — Each group presents their pecha kucha in the 3. It also assumes that students have read Blown to Bits, Chapter 1. They can just write the variable name on the cup, rather than drawing in a person as well. Through activities that build elzpsed sense, they understand the order of the counting numbers and their relative magnitudes.


Students can work in pairs, side by side, to help each other through each step of the process.

The artifact from this Practice Performance task and a reflection on the creative poblem can be used as a summative assessment using the rubric in the Teacher Resources. Note that the sample assessment may not be appropriate for some classes, depending on the particular focus that the teacher has taken — e.


Alternately, read about the British group that developed the same solution as Hellman and Diffie’s to public key encryption in secrecy http: They will have 30 minutes to make this presentation. Identify and Describe Three-Dimensional Shapes. Numbers represent Big idea: Make Ten and Ones eelapsed addition and subtraction properties to 6. They recognize that two different fractions can be equal e.

4th Grade Math – Nixon Elementary

This makes cybersecurity an extremely important concern when designing and implementing systems that are built on the Internet. Then, using the script in the teacher folder, deliver tmie pecha kucha presentation on Modern Computers.

A value is only safe and not lost to the world of cyberspace if it is in a variable. Try to get an idea of how much students know about what is on the Internet beyond email and social media. Some codes are more secure than others.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Multistep Multiplication Problems 2. Count and represent with a written numeral a number of Chapter 3: How are text, colors and images saved in hexadecimal format? Lessin use sensors to gather data about the world. This does not require assigned reading or review just encourage them to watch the news and notice what is happening in the worldbut you could have them bring in a current event article and summary of the event for homework as additional preparation.


Students continue learning about iteration by using while loops and nested iteration.

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Have a vote on the posters for most creative, most unique, best detail, etc. Collect the best questions on what they will research Google docs, Officeetc. Find the Area 4. This activity uses the results from the Day 1 homework. Home Explore Go Math!

With a partner, imagine a device that might someday be a part of the “Internet of Things,” but currently does not exist. Students will research this topic and report on security issues among other aspects of DNS in their summary report. Be sure to include examples and evidence to support your ideas and answer. This assignment must be handwritten.

R versus R’ or L versus L’ can be confusing. A general substitution not limiting to just a shift dramatically increases the number of keys.