If you have two light switches connected to two different lights in the same room , how many values can you represent? Students will then work in assigned groups to create presentations on the Internet and its Impact using online collaboration tools. What is the difference between a variable in a math class and in a computer science class? What is a list? Discuss any unresolved issues.

Digital communication has been restored after three years. In this lesson, students investigate the impact of the Internet on their lives. LinkyListy Role Play Program: This can be done in several ways depending on time constraints or disabilities. Add or Subtract 5. Model Addition subtract within 10 1.

How are digital colors represented with hexadecimal codes? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

You may wish to call on students randomly, have everyone write down an answer, or have students suggest different answers that you write on the board and then have the class work on.

CS Matters in Maryland Coverage.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Students will create and test a new algorithm for playing tic-tac-toe. Tell students they will be working for the next few days to create presentations about the Internet.

Order of Operations 3. Identify and Describe Lesson 3.

Chapter 12 – Mrs. Galindo’s 4th Grade Class

Have students take notes on the correct sequence of pfoblem measures. Start today by planning what you need to get done each of the two days and how much will be done on this first day. Then, using the script in the teacher folder, deliver the pecha kucha presentation on Modern Computers.


Introduce the following topic. Continue to ask if there are any single objects on the table until the stack is completed and there are no more single objects on the table.

Go Math! – CIRCLE

The paper is peripherally challenged it has no arms, and thus needs somebody to do its work for it. Check for understanding while students are working. Search engine page rank algorithms rely on many factors to predict what someone is looking for. Solve Frames-and-Arrows problems having two rules. Students should split into their groups and begin work.

February – Page 21 – IMTA

Were there any objects that they did not think about that are connected to the Internet? Teachers can instruct students in selecting one or more short essay responses for students to answer, based on teacher preferences and time allotments. Ask them questions about how the innovation works, how it has affected the way they live the ways in which they play or work.

Students will use their simulation to request and receive web pages, implement DNS caching, and investigate DNS poisoning. Computing greatly affects the everyday lives of today’s prolbem, but many of them are not consciously aware of these influences.


How big is the Internet? Otherwise, paper for students to write on.


Students must complete the pre-reading assignment: Identify weak areas of student understanding. What was the quality of the group dynamics?

A variable can only hold one value at a time. What is the action? By comparing a variety of solution strategies, children build their understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Students will work collaboratively to develop a program that uses nested iteration and turtle graphics.

This is a two-session lesson. Extra time will be needed. The document in the Lesson Resources folder called “Commercial Python Project” is a project designed to give students Python coding practice and lessom them to explore more about the “Internet of Things” by creating their own product commercial template.

Think of a decision you make in your daily life and how you make the decision.