Practice Problems 1a – 1g: The following are webpages that can assist you in the topics that were covered on this page: Sometimes the problem lies in understanding the problem. Understand the Problem This problem will require getting a common denominator, here , converting each fraction, and finding the sum of the numerators. Basically, check to see if you used all your information and that the answer makes sense.

If we let x represent the first integer, how would we represent the second consecutive integer in terms of x? One number is When you devise a plan translate , you come up with a way to solve the problem. In the revenue equation, R is the amount of money the manufacturer makes on a product. The student is expected to: Another number is

polyas four step method for problem solving

Namely, make a list of the first few sums and look for a pattern. In a business related problem, the cost equation, C solvving the cost of manufacturing a product. If the tax rate is 8.

Polya’s four steps to solving a problem

Do I know the meaning of all the words? George Polyaknown as the father of modern problem solving, did extensive studies and wrote numerous mathematical papers and three books about problem solving. We think you have liked this presentation. Design a plan for solving the problem: We are looking for the length and width of the rectangle.


My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Use Polya’s four step process to solve word problems involving numbers, percents, rectangles, supplementary angles, complementary angles, consecutive integers, and breaking even. November 11, Title: Do you need a formula, etc.? This involves making some choices about what strategies to use.

Polya’s Four Step Problem Solving Process – ppt video online download

Often a considerable amount of creativity is required to formulate a plan. Sklving Out the Plan Implement the strategy or strategies that you have chosen until the problem is solved or until a new course of action is suggested. Take time to explore, reflect, think, … Talk to yourself.

Find the dimensions if the perimeter is to be 26 inches.

polyas four step method for problem solving

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. On the other side of the index card, write: Problem Solving The process of applying previously acquired knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations. One number is Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 20 feet.


A rectangular garden has a width that is 8 feet less than twice the length. For example, 5, 7, and 9 are three consecutive odd integers. Try a simpler version of the problem. You may be familiar with the expression ‘don’t look back’.

Polya’s Four Step Problem Solving Process

Does it make sense? You will translate them just like we did in Tutorial 2: On the other ;roblem, it is a good idea to get into the habit of recalling the four steps as you plan and as you work through a problem. Look back check and interpret. For example, 4, 6, and 8 are three consecutive even integers.

Many problems require an incubation period. Copyright Law and have been prepared according to the educational fair use guidelines.

polyas four step method for problem solving

Complimentary angles sum up to be 90 degrees. If you are not successful, go back to step 2.