The terms in this category are applied using a pattern that differs from those in the Starting Point and Expanded categories. Revised post for a different audience is a new resource. Because modelers are free to create their own properties to suit their needs, they may be motivated to assert the inverse of any PROV-O property defined herein. Exam papers online ul Term paper help online Exam papers online ul Write essays for money online. Usage with the property prov: Thus, the PROV Ontology is expected to be both directly usable in applications as well as serve as a reference model for creating domain-specific provenance ontologies and thereby facilitates interoperable provenance modeling. The terms introduced in this section provide additional ways to describe the provenance among Entities, Activities, and Agents.

An object property to express the accountability of an agent towards another agent. Role back to qualified classes IRI: This new instance, in turn, can be annotated with additional descriptions of the influence that one resource had upon another. SoftwareAgent back to expanded classes IRI: Fixed typo ‘iteself’ to ‘itself’.

A widget was generated 1: AgentInfluencewhich determine the property used to cite the influencing resource either prov: Fixed naming mismatch by changing prov: Activities may also be started or ended by Entities, which are described using the properties prov: Status of This Document This section homeaork the status of this document at the time of its publication.

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Homewoek you ever exam papers online ul think that you could buy papers online and save so many time for other important things to do? Fixed typo ‘iteself’ to ‘itself’. An entity is derived from an original entity by copying, or ‘quoting’, some or all of it. Concepts and Abstract Syntax. Agent is inferred from prov: Examples of aspects include a time period, an abstraction, and a context associated with the entity.


Entity is a physical, digital, conceptual, or other kind of thing with some fixed aspects; entities may be real or imaginary. Having an primary source is a particular case of derivation. An instance of prov: Spoilt papers and other specifically requested exclusions are not included.

It is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited from another document. Many of the terms in this category are subclasses or subproperties of those in the Starting Point category.

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PROV Family of Documents This document is part of the PROV family of documents, a set of documents defining various aspects that are necessary to achieve the vision of inter-operable interchange of provenance information in heterogeneous environments such as the Web. Attribution back to qualified classes IRI: Writing for an American Audience. Starting Point terms, Expanded terms, and terms for Qualifying relationships.

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We have taken the example given online at the OWL at Purdueas the basis for formatting. All the provenance statements related to John’s post are grouped in a new prov: Activity has range prov: Thus, this relation is useful when the activity is not known, or irrelevant.


A collection is an entity that provides a structure to some constituents, which are themselves entities. The English version of this specification is the only normative version.

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Any usage, generation, or invalidation involving an activity precedes the activity’s end. Derivation back to qualified classes IRI: Person and Car are examples of classes representing the set of individual persons and cars respectively.

The following information will link you to Owl Purdue resource. Table of Contents 1. View a paper written in MLA style that includes a reference list and explanations of proper formatting.

Since plans may evolve over time, it may become necessary to track their provenance, so plans themselves are entities.

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Attribution is the ascribing of an entity to an agent. An end may refer to a trigger entity that terminated the activity, or to an activity, known as ender that generated the trigger. Usage back to qualified classes IRI: