Then Doraemon takes out a camera which can make miniature versions of buildings. Doraemon by Fujiko Fujio. Gian beats Nobita for a silly reason. Doraemon uses the complete makeover machine to change the look of his picture. Gian then gets really angry and chases after Nobita. But he fails to return everyone their original look as he uses all the pictures from the catalog. But, Nobita misuses the gadget.

When Nobita uses a perspective seal on Dekisugi’s notebooks to copy his homework, he accidentally views an exchange diary between him and Shizuka where they both criticize Nobita’s dependency on Shizuka. Hence, Doraemon and Nobita reach Hawaii with the help of a compression gun and shock Suneo. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a thank you badge so that he gives thanks to his father and others. Later, Doraemon helps Nobita to become an ultra hero to impress his friends and play with them. The lion later developed a friendship with Nobita but they sent the lion back to its place.

Doraemon HD Latest Episode in Hindi- Nobita Ka Homework – Video Dailymotion – video dailymotion

Nobita also goes into the future and meets the future Nobita. Later, he relaxed and ate desserts until he became full, but Doraemon forces him to eats extra memory bread. Gian smashes Suneo with the mallette and gives him a bruise on his head and makes him tall. But, the homework gets done in Nobita’s book instead of Suneo’s book.

Doraemon-Nobita Ka Homework – video dailymotion

homeworo After a few narrow escapes, Doraemon and Nobita feed mealie pellets which make any animal tame to a load of dinosaurs. Doraemon uses bracelets to control them and the cats become obedient mousers in the neighborhood. Nobita scores a home run and wins the match. He reaches quite ahead in the future and gets back into the present only after breaking the gadget.


nobita ka homework on dailymotion

Doraemon gives him a checkbook out of his 4D pocket and tells him to write the amount of money on the check and sign it. However, Shizuka still believes the rumor that Gian and Suneo spreaded, nobota Nobita accidentally misuses the gadget to make it such that he’s friend to all animals causing all of them to invade his house.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

One of the dreams Nobita has is a clear reference to the Star Wars franchise. But Tamako gets to know about Nobita’s mischief and pulls his ear with the help of another invisible glove that she took earlier.

Doraemon-Nobita Ka Homework

But they only get to see the person’s half body. Doraemon, Gian, Suneo and Shizuka go in search of Nobita. Nobita and Doraemon use the mini-mini robot and repair Nobita’s great grandmother’s clock. Later on, Nobita decides to change the password to a harder one, but he can’t remember it.

Tamako tells Nobita to eailymotion his homework before he goes out to play. This done, Nobita uses it to shock people. Doraemon tries to put things right but Nobita’s family end up with a 22nd Century house whose automation is full of trouble.

Nobita is so bored he annoys Doraemon into giving him a smiling earphone. The next morning, Nobita realizes that Doraemon had invited vailymotion more Doraemon from the past to do his homework. Nobita hatches a 22nd-century egg and out comes a small typhoon, which he treats as a pet. Doraemon falls madly in love with a toy cat.


nobita ka homework on dailymotion

Nobita reads his horoscope and feels happy as things go as per the prediction in the horoscope. Doraemon gives Nobita the Materials Quality Changing Machine and he changes many things to another material.

This first upsets his mother, then his friends who thinks he is laughing at them. However, Gian and Suneo find out about this and use Tamako to drive Nobita away so that they dxilymotion occupy the area for themselves.

Nobita insists Doraemon place the frog plaster on him to get rid of his tiredness.

So, he uses the sleeping case again and apologizes to Suneo in his sleep. The episode ends with all the scrap metal landing on Doraemon. Again upsetting his then mother and self, his grandmother protects him again and he shows her what he looks like in his school uniform before leaving.

Doraemon uses the seeing glass and predicts the incidents. Finally an arrow hits the girl and she falls for Nobita but he ends up being chased by the ugly girl who still has a love arrow in her.

Hence, Doraemon uses a magical scissor and cuts the catalog pictures to create real toys. At first, the advertisement fails pn attract customers.