Doraemon uses the complete makeover machine to change the look of his picture. This done, Nobita uses it to shock people. Doraemon uses the holograph machine over Nobita to make him easily pass through anything. Shizuka wishes to be a magical girl for one day, so Doraemon gives her some gadgets which enable to become one. Nobita’s mother upsets it and it wants to invade the Earth but is again placated by Nobita’s marble collection.

Nobita draws a dog and takes care of it. Gian’s dog robs Tamako’s friend’s shoe from the house. The teacher tells the students about the ancient discoveries of great people. Later, Nobita disappears under the magical handkerchief but his friends find him. Nobita, Shizuka, and Doraemon head to the sky to avoid the constant noise in the neighborhood. But Tamako notices it and falls into the clam.

Nobita uses Doraemon’s I owe you gadget on Suneo and borrows his test paper but realizes that Suneo had got a zero. So, Nobita and his friends go in search of a discovery with the help of Doraemon’s gadgets.

Doraemon-Nobita Ka Homework – video dailymotion

But Muku and the girl’s dog, Benji get into a fight. While Shizuka enjoys her time in Nobita’s body, Nobita daillymotion it hard to live as Shizuka. As a result, he gets stuck on a roof. At first, the advertisement fails to attract customers. Finally an arrow hits the girl and she falls for Nobita but he ends up being chased by the ugly girl who still has a love arrow in her.

Along homfwork way, Suneo and his friends taunt Nobita about the vase. But later, he realizes that it was last week’s horoscope.


Nobita uses Doraemon’s Identical Scarecrow to create a scarecrow of himself to scare off people from plucking the horsetails near their house. But on not getting what they want, they decide to throw the machine in the lake. Nobita tries to get the better of bully Gian using Doraemon’s things from the future, but Gian has things from the future too and gets the better of him.

Nobita wishes to be a member of an organisation after his friends join it. Doraemon uses the dust collector gadget to get a big Dora cake. So, Doraemon uses a chair modifier to keep him alert. So, Doraemon uses the elongated shrinking telescope to make Tamako thin.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

Gian plays the pied piper to chase Nobita as he disposes of his furniture with the unwanted things from the house with the help of the pied homeork of Hamelin.

Then they almost get beaten up by Nobita’s son in the future due to a mix-up, for Nobita’s son looked just like him.

Doraemon-Nobita Ka Homework

The episode begins with Nobita’s mother preparing a fine meal in celebration daioymotion the twelfth anniversary of Nobita’s father and hers wedding. Gian and Suneo scare Nobita and consider him faint-hearted as he gets scared of the thundering sound. As Nobita doesn’t wish to go to school, Doraemon gives him a cross switch gadget, with which one could exchange their life with others.

Jaiko feels bad for Muku as he gets badly injured in a car accident. Next morning, there is chaos in the house as Nobisuke loses his salary. Nobita feels lonely after wearing it and promises to never wear the cap again.


Later, Doraemon, Gian, and Suneo conspire against Nobita.


Nobita cannot go out so Doraemon produces some magic paper that makes paper copies of anything including Nobita. Nobita gains a lot of happiness instead of hardships. Doraemon uses a curse tincture to scare Gian with a dailymotio cat as Gian hates daiylmotion, and Nobita uses the curse tincture to scare his mother with a phantom book. Nobita wants his independence from his family so Doraemon gives him a door which when placed against a wall, creates a room behind it which can be lived in.

Gian’s dog robs Tamako’s friend’s shoe from the house. Later, Nobisuke finds the cloth and gets a video game for Nobita.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

Nobisuke and Tamako feel very nnobita and ask Nobita to make use of the clock to go to school. Doraemon produces a small robot which takes yen from anyone who does something bad, to get money for a new ball. On the day of the proposal, they see Nobita’s future father running late. Nobita misuses the gadget by exchanging himself with his friends.

He reaches quite ahead in the future and gets back into the present only after breaking the gadget.