Outline of the Thesis Source: The graduation project is based on a case study of Ghent, BE. Tensions in the Integration of Ambidexterity 5. Victor Blazquez Date Deposited: J H Jonas Hermann Author. Further, the tension of the explora- tion-exploitation integration will be discussed chapter 5 and an extensive model that inter- connects the most relevant influencing and moderating factors on ambidexterity and firm per- formance will be developed Chapter 6.

Parallel Structures Figure 4: In the same year, He and Wong drew and investigated self-reported data in a three year time period from Asian manufacturing firms and found a positive correlation between ambidexterity, sales growth and firm performance. Dangers of a Disequilibrium 6. Analysis of core constructs This group generally addresses the question of how organizations or managers can achieve a balance between the two antagonistic necessities of change and continuity. Resource Related Factors 6. However, these approaches become completely conceptually different if the underlying organizational role is taken into account. Companies on this journey face different types of resistance and challenges laid out in this thesis.

Organizational Ambidexterity. A Managerial Act of Balance

Depending on environmental conditions, they found a curvilinear relationship between an ambidextrous business strategy and firm performance. In conclusion, although there is evidence that under certain conditions ambidexterity is not desirable, most studies suggest that ambidexterity is positively associated with firm performance, especially in highly dynamic markets.

master thesis ambidexterity

Structural ambidexteritywhich allows organizations to implement exploration and exploitation in spatially separated organizational units and contextual ambidexteritywhich proposes the pursuit of exploration and exploitation activities within the same unit chapter 3. Dimensions of Business Contexts Source: Ambidexterity Lenses Table 3: Skip to main content.


This can be investigated with the help of various scientific concepts. In the first part we go through the concepts of exploitation and exploration, and their possible complementarity, which is critical for their joint implementation. Punctuated Equilibrium Model and Vacillation Figure 3: Within this large group, a majority exclusively focuses on the concept of absorptive capacity see chapter 6. Structural Factors Figure In the modern business world, which is characterized by rapid technological change e.

Literature is not only vague in terms of uniform definitions but also in terms of perspec- tive unity on the construct.

Multiple, partly overlapping perspectives emerged over time.

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Polaroid is a popular example of a business failure. How to overcome challenges and support activities at the start of an innovation network? Hence, Benner and Tushman distinguish between exploratory and exploitation units as follows: Ambidexterity and Firm Performance. Accordingly, firm units may acquire supplementary financial resources from their or- ganization to realize an ambidextrous strategy. In this dissertation we ambidextreity to provide a theoretical overview on the concept of organizational ambidexterity and to verify its rational validity.

Additionally, Google scholar, SSRN or Ebsco Host search engines masrer utilized to search for frequently quoted papers or papers that cited key literature e.

master thesis ambidexterity

Based on a five-year case study, firm performance was measured in 41 business units with the help of a four-item questionnaire 2. In order to offer their customers more destinations to travel to, an increasing number of airlines are cooperating with each other within alliances. It will compile and highlight the emerged knowledge from past research in such way, that information is easily feasibly and quickly accessible for readers.


Ambidextrous Organizations: sustainable growth by balancing exploitation and exploration

Ambidexterity is Typically Seen as an Organizational Approach 7. Dangers of a Disequilibrium 6.

Exploration-Exploitation Integration Tension Figure 8: However, to achieve the next step in innovation more holistic solutions need to be designed to have an impact on the whole food chain. In the literal sense, an ambidex- trous character is able to ambidxeterity contradictory actions for the purpose of misleading others and making it difficult to perceive his or her true intensions. A leap from Pon’s yesterday and now, to tomorrow and the future.

Missing Definition Unity 7. Another approach to solve the exploration-exploitation tension was introduced in by Gibson and Birkinshaw. The case of KLM.

Ambidexterity is either construed as the simultaneous pursuit of exploration and exploitation Jansen et al. Amburgey and Rao,