Binibigyan niya tayo ng laya kung tatangapi8n natin ang kanyang mga p Para sa akin kakaiba ang Speeches ni Lourd, hindi siya pangkaraniwang naririnig ko na speeches. After all the inferences that have been made, the social issue is now clear to be stated and it is the way children are shut off and hidden from the realities of life just to be saved from the burden of worrying. As of now, we can say that marijuana is a drug that has countless benefits. Vilma Santos says she wants Dolphy to be named National Artist. De Veyra may not write as eloquently as Zafra but he knows how to write in Tagalog making De Veyra relatable even to the Great Unwashed his term. The documentary is not an attack but a message of opening the mind not to recreation and the arts but to reality.

Georgina Wilson on being dumped: Aug 16, Sluj Zira rated it it was amazing. Basahin mo din kung sabaw ka na sa trabaho, buhay or love life mo. Lourd de Veyra is a Filipino journalist that is a three time Palanca awardee. Lourd recalls he wrote Baboy in less than an hour before he first performed it. But I would still ask:

Psychological benefits of marijuana usage. Any sport in college? The medical benefits of Marijuana outweigh the traduation of potential abuse because of the quantity of the available treatments for different diseases and the intensity of the diseases that it covers.

Ang mga taong nagpapadala sa ilusyon ng kamangmangan. Number of men she has loved in her life. Dedication is giving everything that you can offer in doing a task, in a personal relationship or d in exemplifying a certain idea. Two adjectives probably most often used to describe this woman.


May tama o pwede rin maki-ayon batay sa kanyang pananaw. His garden was beautifully flourishing when unexpectedly, typhoon Ondoy hit in Jan 22, Crisel Blenda Fernandez rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Halos lahat ng book niya nabasa ko na at ang masasabi ko lang kahit ang talas ng dila niya, ang humble niyang tao. We also lack the perception, and the courage, for instance, to deny veyrx religious quacks and the thousands graduatipn listen and believe in them.

Lourd De Veyra’s Little Book of Speeches

Gusto ko ang way ng pagsusulat at pagsasalita niya kahit minsan verbose siya at nagkaka-verbal diarrhea. For consistency of vision, perfectionism, and depth of material. Yung tipong gusto mong iresearch sinu-sino yung mga nabanggit nyang tao at yung mga gawa nila. Gradutaion student can easily develop social attachment through social media or in class.

Habang nagbabasa – witty – tricky – ilang libro na ba ang nabasa ni lourd de veyra? In my opinion, the Philippine society is being maintained in the state of shallowness.

#10THINGS: July

He has a mark in his home where the flood hit, and says that every time he gets the urge to make a mindless purchase, he looks at that mark. Some students in La Salle find organizations, sports competitions and school activities as something irrelevant to their goal to study and to graduate. These speeches were written graduatiin raise questions. On new blood in politics: To some extent, parehas kami magisip.


I did not find the need to have frequent breaks since I did enjoy reading the speeches and picking De Veyra’s brain.

Lourd De Veyra’s Little Book of Speeches by Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra

Dec 07, Chenley Cabaluna rated it it was amazing. There are a few of them that are purely in English.

lourd de veyra graduation speech youtube

He chose political science. Punk, ang bumabasag sa nakasanayan at pinapaniwalaan. But then, these are speeches, and they’re made to be heard by a wide audience, so I’m contradicting myself in the first sentence.

lourd de veyra graduation speech youtube

Therefore with thorough knowledge about the positive side of marijuana, a person can now perceive that marijuana is something beneficial and is not something bad if only people know how to youhube it properly.

I truly enjoyed this collection of speeches and hope there would be a second volume because you can never have too much Lourd de Veyra books.

Throughout the history of marijuana from the ancient times until now in the modern time, it is perceived as something very beneficial in terms of medical use graduatioj recreational use. Ang mundong iyon ay puno ng artipisyal na bagay. Politicians should not play architects and urban planners So inspired: Kumbaga sa fiction, para siyang coming-of-age story.