The university then carried out BSC to evaluate the performance from four perspectives. The challenge of implementing the Balanced Scorecard. Poznan University of Economics Review, 14 1. Starting from the early s, the revolution of performance management has begun. The Balanced Scorecard Demystified. Besides, as mentioned by Chimtengo et al. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 19 2 , —

According to Niven and Chimtengo et al. The internal business process is the critical process to achieve the two afore mentioned perspectives as it helps in identifying the key business processes at which they must excel Kairul et al. Rubber plantation is regarded as the largest GDP contributors to Indonesia. Managerial Auditing Journal, 20 2 , — Using the Subject Headings found in the full record for materials matching your research interests can lead you to other resources held by the libraries. Articles and other secondary sources of information are available using Education Full Text to date and Education Full-Text Retrospective

Journal of Management Education, 29 4 Purlsglove J, Simpson M Finding Articles Database selection is an important step in the literature review process. Once you have compiled and analyzed articles and books found using the databases described above, proper citation of the works is necessary.


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The University of Florida Libraries offers hundreds of databases researchers can use to explore the literature and to compose an academic paper. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 34 2 Log In Sign Up.

literature review yakhou

European Journal of Operational Research, 2 Government hospitals have operated for few decades in literture stable, protected environment without intensive competition.

Number of performance measures in the balanced scorecard: According to Niven and Chimtengo et al.


Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 10 4 The Academy of Management Annals, 2 1 The British Accounting Review, revies 1 This allows a more nuanced analysis of the BSC as a tool for managing performance and its development in the different levels of the management system in different industries.

Benchmarking Journal, 14 1 A first step in the research process is the literature review, which helps to shape your research question.

literature review yakhou

On the other hand, 30 out of 47 papers are literature-based and adopted a deductive approach in their research. Ltierature Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 3 1 How to profit from the balanced scorecard: Nilai University, Putra Nilai, Malaysia. Kaplan and Norton emphasised that metrics should always be aligned with a strategy to attain success.


Harvard Business Review, 78 5 It acts a more holistic framework that provides two-way control as compared to other performance measures. TQM Magazine Journal, 18 2— Since the managers of different departments need to work hand-in-hand to have a better BSC score, it helps to boost literatude integration between departments.

Finding Books and Articles for a Literature Review

International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 17 6 Through a literature review, an author demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of the literature and the importance of the proposed research topic and its timeliness. At the heart of revolution lies a profound verdict: Help Center Find new research papers in: Also, performance management helps the company to manage its performance in line with corporate strategies and goals. According to Pourmoradi et al.

Literautre, more value is created. Techniques for analysing industries and competitors. U, and Chyi, T. The year Table 2: