All his life he tried to adapt himself to society and wanted to become an accepted part of it. Lord Winderemere is cheating on his wife. At the ends of the 19th century, adultery was one of the worst crimes a woman could commit. A motherless upbringing and uncertainty about her parentage. If I lost my ideals, I should lose everything. She is not as confident about herself as before and now see the necessity of compromises in life.

He claims to love her but in fact the only thing he loves about her is that he cannot have her. What society accepts as good is good, and what society takes for bad must be bad. One can always find them. She has never been in a need to question any of her beliefs because she has never been in a situation that required it. These stiff doctrines which help her to understand life have never been testing for her before her twenty-first birthday. One knows their minds as easily as one knows their bonnets.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

Therefore she always acts in the conviction to be right. She winderrmeres to question her judgement. That is why he never tried to reform the moral standards of his time, but merely attempted to play with them in his art. S J sarah jakobsohn Author. That she is unaccessible to him is what constitues his attraction to her.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

If I lost my ideals, I should lose everything. The criteria for my evaluation of her is based on her relationships to the other main characters in the play. Only once when Mrs Erlynne tries to convince qyestions of her maternal duty this subject is touched. Suddenly and for the very first time in her life she has motherly feelings and is determined to save her child from making the same mistake she made twenty years ago. One can always find them.


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Everything in her world is either black or white- after her ordeal she learns that there is a lot in between. Within twenty-four hours she begins to see that life is far more complex and difficult to be tamed by her hard-and-fast rules.

To her Mrs Erlynne is the enemy and only when Mrs Erlynne saves her from disgrace she is ready to change this opinion. Lady Windermere undergoes essaj remarkable change of attitude in the progression of the play.

So pleased to find nothing has windermerex Shall she get credit for her return back home? She wants to get back into society, and she wants you to help her. So when she leaves her husband, all she said at the beginning about her moral standards suddenly appears to be just as hypocritical as the rest of society is.

Analysis of how Lady Windermere fails to meet her own moral standards- or does she?

Today this time is known as the Victorian era. But these virtues seem to be unknown to her. This is followed by some information about the play. She is a realist and does not regret her bad actions because of a guilty conscience but the as disadvantages and trials she had to go through afterwards. Lord Windermere would not be able to fully forgive his wife.


He had to mind carefully how to addressed this audience when he wanted to meet their taste with his plays. Accidently Mrs Erlynne finds the letter and has a hunch about ist content which hustle her to open it.

How different an actress is! Would a woman nowadays not act likewise when she was to suspect her husband of infidelity?

Its purification is sacrifice.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

Lady Windermere feels deeply humiliated and hurt but does not have the courage to insult Mrs Erlynne in front of everybody as she announced to do before. Virtue is virtue, vice is vice.

Ldy has been a wife for even less time than you. The main topics of the play are the maternal duty of a mother towards her child and adultery. She surely is very judgemental and self-righteous but she also has a true desire to live a windsrmeres life.

She becomes wild with jealousy and confronts him with the accusation of him being unfaithful to her. She feels how much she is in her debt.