A total of 22 participants In 15 participants, resorption of the fluid collection occurred without any need of intervention in up to 90 days. Some features are important when choosing the adequate kind of mesh. Further detail was added by Pollock 7 , and the technique was then reproduced by others Randomized clinical trial 1. Adhesiolysis was always the most technically difficult part of each case.

The study of prosthesis retraction and the extension of this retraction have great importance considering that the surgeon could leave a proper safety margin around the mesh allowing repair without tensioning and preventing to pull along the mesh. A prospective study of major laparotomies. F Lange et al. An incision was done in the anterior lamina of the rectus abdominal muscle sheath in the opposite side to the posterior opening, approximately 2 cm of the medial edge, creating two more snips. These references reflect the incidence of seroma in the literature with these techniques in case series and clinical trials and that we considered clinically relevant 4 , 8 , If you log wall, you will be required to enter your username and password the next time you visit.

In the presence of large flaws in the abdominal wall, it is not always possible to separate the viscera from the meshes, so they are placed in the intraperitoneal position 5.

Abdominal wall healing in incisional hernia using different biomaterials in rabbits

These references reflect the incidence of seroma in the literature with these techniques in case series and clinical trials and that we considered clinically relevant 48 In reviewing the experience of other investigators, adequate fixation of the mesh, extension to cover the entire previous incision and standardizing the placement interval of the sutures are critical to the success of the repair.


Creation of a surface inside the created polygon. Statistics The initial statistical analysis of all the data collected in the present study was descriptive. What about replacing a synthetic mesh on the infected surgical field?.

incisional hernia thesis

Chevrel technique for midline incisional hernia: Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, 19th ed. J Gastrointest Surg 8: August 13, ; Revised: Majority of hernias have occurred within one inxisional of previous surgery. Ann Roll Coll Surg Eng. Five cases of seroma detected at the intermediate assessment exhibited resorption of fluid collection before the late assessment.

Repair of large incisional hernias. To drain or not to drain. Randomized clinical trial

Surg Laparosc Endosc 8: Operative Technique As with the open inciional, there is still significant variation in patch material selection, in the description of patch fixation to the abdominal wall and in the amount of patch overlap to the defect Table 6.

The incidence of both complications was high, and thus novel surgical techniques should be investigated for their prevention. Interventions In group 1, a 4. February 21, Accepted: Again, however, comparing series can inciwional misleading. Mout Sin J Med. Incisional herniorrhaphy surgery was performed following the group’s technique systematisation by a resident physician supervised by one of four surgeons professors at the medical course of UNIOESTE and who the using the onlay technique incisionl described by Chevrel 13 It is a tissue constituted by the peritoneum, transverse fascia, fibrous tissue, collagen and part of the aponeurosis.



Springer publishers, Hernia Feb;11 1: Individuals subjected to emergency surgery, with infection, immunosuppressed, younger than 18 or older than 80 years old, ASA III or IV, with a serum albumin concentration lower than 3. Clearly, as experienced surgeons perform more difficult cases, enterotomy reports will likely be higher.

Next, the subcutaneous tissue approximation was performed with separate absorbable polyglactin sutures. The participants were subjected to clinical and ultrasound assessment to detect seroma and surgical wound infection at three time-points after surgery.

Conception and design of the study; acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data; technical procedures; manuscript writing.

Landau O, Kyzer S Emergent laparoscopic repair of incarcerated incisional and ventral hernia. The healing was evaluated macroscopically through the clinical analysis, following these criteria 9: Five seromas were detected at the late ultrasound assessment only and were not accompanied by clinical changes.

incisional hernia thesis

The kncisional of hernial sac as a reinforcement of the abdominal wall came as an alternative to the treatment of IH. Bladder and gastric decompression was employed in all cases. Classification of primary and incisional abdominal wall hernias.

One participant required mesh removal. Ventral hernia and other complications of midline incisions.