Even scientists recognise this; the physicist Gerald Schroeder points out that there is no real difference between a heap of sand and the brain of an Einstein. This contention has arisen due to the apparent observations in the quantum vacuum, that sub-atomic events behave spontaneously without any causes. It logically follows that since science is not the only way to reach conclusions about things, then we should entertain the possibility of other routes to knowledge. Here are some fascinating studies: It cannot provide detailed answers to the following questions, how must we act? Trying to understand how God could need no cause, Christians claim that God exists necessarily.

Evolution may be a coherent explanation based upon its own metaphysical assumptions, theoretical limitations and philosophical presuppositions, but it is not certain knowledge. When the philosophy of science is understood and applied to evolution, the conclusion is that it is not a fact and has not reached the level of certainty. The most unchallenged and intuitive reality is that we are all aware, but we cannot describe or explain what this awareness is. Philosophical Reflections [Editorial Note: However, they are both different and independent in some way. And I know that my parents recently returned home from a trip to Canada.

Firstly there is nothing available in modern physics that would allow a universe that is collapsing to spring back into a new expanding universe.

Concluding Part 1 Alom is a courageous and inspirational writer. So we as children thought of our mum as loony, when in fact she was very, very ill. Since this statement has the form of an unrestricted universal generalization, it follows that no finite number of observations can conclusively establish its truth.

This opinion is expressed by many Philosophers including the famous atheist turned theist Professor Anthony Flew. Science can only answer in terms of natural phenomena and natural processes.


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You skim through some of the channels. In quantum theory the vacuum is a field of energy pervading the whole of the universe.

So in reality fssay infinite is potential and can never be actualised. It is sound if its premises are true and it eessay valid. Sandwiched between his brief discussions on neuroscience and the philosophy of the mind, tzortis mentions his brother Shalim who suffered from a range of disabilities including mental health problems.

This I believe is plain to see and where a lot of atheists and humanists face a sticky wicket. However if we think about this we will conclude that this position is irrational. Most scientists take it for granted that these problems will eventually be solved by more research along established lines, but some, including myself, think they are symptoms of a deeper malaise…science is being held back by centuries-old assumptions that have hardened into dogmas.

This statement is irrelevant due to the following reasons: However, if we look into the history of science this position is unsound. It seems that they are trying to have their cake and eat it!

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In essence Hawking is telling us that the universe can create itself, but it has to already exist for it to do that! Thirdly, the second law of thermodynamics as edsay above implies the finitude of the universe.

What dictates the order in which you had these experiences? I have observed that punching a boxing bag properly with protective gloves never causes injury. Again this is false.


The irony is that this is exactly what he does in his book. For example, there are many universal principles that we can never deny, and to deny them would deny knowledge itself.

He observed that some of these stars were further away than initially anticipated, and that their colour was slightly changed, shifting towards red, something now known as red-shift. Only after U2 has come into being. A good, all-powerful God exists 2. I do not want others to normalise irrationality, because rssay book does exactly that.

hamza tzortzis essay

In this part of the response I will address the points I have included above. This sense of ought is best explained outside of the scope of science, Professor of Theology and Ethics Ian Markham comments on this: People need to understand this and limit it to its sphere.

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This is counter-intuitive and opposes our cross-cultural consensus of our moral thinking. I am not asserting this due some subconscious bias, but it is the conclusion of academic studies in the field of the sociology of religion. And how can you have patience for what you do not encompass in knowledge?

This point leads us nicely to hmaza next possible explanation. The precision required to produce a universe that resembles our own is much greater than the precision that would be required to hit one tzzortzis if the universe were a dartboard!