One sec, let me just derive your son’s credit card number and I’ll be on my way. Congratulations to all the August thesis and dissertation defenders out there! When I picked it up, I suffered a brief but harrowing existential crisis. But I just vandalized the library! Rogers projected an air of genuine, unwavering, almost saintly pure-hearted decency. Technology’s going to be so cool.

Just remember to constantly bring up how cool it is that birds are dinosaurs and you’ll be set. Crank is better, but needs a bigger budget and more Summer Glau. If you miss, you’ll end up co-orbiting the Sun alongside Earth, living out your days alone in the void within sight of the lush, welcoming home you left behind. Due to the large number of sharks inhabiting his former kingdom, no body could be recovered. Archive stories on Digg including articles, videos, and photos.

Everybody knows you should drink 3, glasses thesi water a day and change your oil every 8 miles. When a stack fits, write the number of iterations on a card.

Any two-axis graph can be re-labeled ‘coordinates of the ants crawling across my screen as a function of time’. Though I do have this vial of smallpox Refractor vs Reflector” “On the other hand, the refractor’s limited light-gathering means it’s unable to make out shadow people or the dark god Chernabog. Are you still doing that, or? If this isn’t enough money, let us know.


good thesis offense xkcd

In MY dream, all the people who grew up loving The Giving Tree paired up with all the students who had weird dreams after reading The Metamorphosis. I ‘ardly know ‘er! Views Read Edit View history. Reorganizing papers that he has no serious plans to read, the grad student engages in barely productive procrastination. These are very exciting times. It’s in the book. You can win every exchange just by being one level more precise than whoever talked last.

Lego Grad Student — In tribute to xkcd (): the

May or may not also be inspired by Studio C: You guys all have that dream, right? Relativity saves the day again. Google for Australia, search engine. The best thesis defense is a good thesis offense. It’s ’cause you’re dumb. Power Gets Up’, although most think ‘s ‘Space Fights: Sometimes the graders don’t notice the seam. Where gold regular text reads ‘press red button’, the braille reads ‘press two-inch button’.


The best thesis defense is a good thesis offense Randall Munroe at – Imgur

What right do we have to poke around in Facebook’s private affairs like that? Part 5″ “This digital music thing will probably reach its endgame sometime in the next decade or so.

good thesis offense xkcd

Theiss so, can I borrow your phone for a sec? Under certain circumstances, wireless transmitter may control God. You can just take all the luggage off the airport conveyer belt and leave with it.

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1403: Thesis Defense

How could you enjoy abusing a filesystem like that? Especially since each one will have leftovers! None of the doors actually lead out.

good thesis offense xkcd

The lyrics are ridiculous. See more about Phd humor, Writing quotes and Humour. Serif compounds are dramatically different and usually much more reactive.