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This data also reconfirm the in-depth interview findings. Social media platforms are used for giving the touch and feel of the brand. The Internet celebrities need content, and Turkcell delivers this content to those people with press releases.

The new generation is growing with the social media culture. The substance of the content experience is determined more by the user than the supplier. Depending on the popularity of the celebrity the deals are made.

genç turkcell case study

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At the second level of the analysis whole messages starting from the studh of 15th May to 15th June have been scanned and coded under 10 broad story topics, 6 frames which are retrieved from the in-depth interview results and 6 different time zones.

Facebook provides Turkcell a substantial amount of communication opportunities such as brand pages, advertisement opportunities and advance technical infrastructure.

Genç Turkcell Case Study – Prog-chip

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Gnctrkcll – Gnc application (Case Study)

Social media made the communication more transparent since there is dramatic change in the way the mass media content is created. A verdict hook represents the proper of your paper and what you write to share with.


Drift own blackness is never geç easy task. Simplicity in the messages is their overall strategy as the company aims to reach young audiences and brand loyalty is constructed via constant dialogue. The company wishes to build up a strong and positive image among its consumers, reflecting its identity based on exclusivity. The reason for the platform selection is the popularity of Facebook in Turkey.

Social media also has changed the language of corporations when they are providing messages to their target consumers. Even though these applications are in the sudy, in future this is considered to be the main tactic for the corporations.

genç turkcell case study

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A sort of brand loyalty is constructed with constant dialogue. From the best of the article to the Internet, technology has been a specialist factor on the way our website has made.

genç turkcell case study

Second Life, Sims content communities e. The interactivity in the social platforms is evaluated as an advantage compared to the traditional ways of reaching the consumer.