Wind speeds of kilometres per hour miles per hour were recorded. Coconuts account for nearly half the Philippines agricultural exports and the country is the world’s biggest producer of coconut oil. Less affected areas reported that their populations more than doubled after the typhoon with the influx of refugees. The major rice and sugar producing areas for the Philippines were destroyed. This site uses cookies.

Lowest pressure – millibars. Immediately after the storm the Philippines faced a humanitarian crisis after the Visayas Islands in the central part of the country had 1. The major rice and sugar producing areas for the Philippines were destroyed. Survivors fought for food and supplies. Typhoon Haiyan had significant economic, social and environmental impact.

Also, fishing communities were affected with the storm destroying boats and associated equipment. Typhoon Haiyan relief effort. The country was left for a week without any aid until countries like USA, China, Japan, Russia and the UK started to provide much needed resources like food and water. It developed a central eye and became a typhoon on 5th November Socially people were affected; they became refugees in lass affected areas and migrated there.

The Tacloban city government was devastated, with only 70 people at work in the immediate days after the disaster compared to 2, normally.

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What were the immediate and long-term responses? Please Support Internet Geography If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please hauyan making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. Inthe Philippines commissioned billboards in some of the world’s prime advertising sites such as New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus to thank people for their help after Typhoon Haiyan.


gcse geography case study typhoon haiyan

Major rice, corn and sugar-producing areas for the Philippines were destroyed affecting the country’s international trade and farmers’ incomes. It is caused by global warming and has gone up by stidy 20cm since Tacloban airport terminal building was also completely destroyed by a 5m storm surge. The Philippines is a fairly poor part of the world with minimal investment in prediction, planning and protection schemes.

For example, the Tacloban city government was decimated, with just 70 workers in the immediate days gxse the disaster compared to 2, normally.

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However, many people died when it was flooded. Launched in its intention geograph to upgrade buildings that were damaged and destroyed to protect them from future disasters. The tropical storm originated in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

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Geography Case Study: Typhoon Haiyan 2013

In the city of Tacloban, widespread looting took place in the days following the typhoon. Fishing waters were contaminated as an oil tanker ran aground causing an ,litre oil leak. Philippines armed forces and volunteers unload sacks of rice.


gcse geography case study typhoon haiyan

This site uses cookies. Although the harvest season was over rice and seed stocks were squandered in the storm surges. They have also set up a no-build zone along the coast in Eastern Visayas, a new storm surge warning system has been developed and mangroves have been replanted to absorb future storm surges. The United Nations admitted its response gcsr the typhoon disaster in the Philippines had been too slow.

Typhoon Haiyan

The storm tracked north-west towards South East Asia. If you’ve found the resources on this page useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. Waves of up to 7 m in height battered the coast. By December, water tanks had been studu by charities like Oxfam but not in all areas.

Sea-level rise is happening globally but is particularly affecting the Philippines. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Typhoon Haiyan What were gcss primary effects of Typhoon Haiyan? The Philippines government was placed under great pressure to speed up distribution of food, water and medicines. Responses to Typhoon Haiyan 1, evacuation centres were set up.

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