For external aerodynamics there is a “wind tunnel” box that is placed around the model. These elements come in many forms, but the major contributors to downforce are inverted wings and underbody diffusers. The car wheels were not attached to the car model, but were positioned accurately and spun by the belt action. This vortex flow also adds energy to the flow and will delay separation allowing larger diffuser angles [7, ]. You may create a new collection. Marks are awarded for the performance of the vehicle in each of these tests as well as on the fuel economy of the vehicle during the endurance event.

Mesh size was chosen such that all detail of the vehicle was accurately captured and overall cell count was on the order of a million. In this work the design of a Formula SAE undertray is developed using CFD and verified with on-track testing to determine actual vehicle performance increase. Approved for entry into archive by Julie Kurtz julie. Aerodynamic improvements in automotive racing can have a significant effect on vehicle performance. Total spring force does indicate that downforce is being produced with speed, however the data gathered is also very noisy. The data received by the ADL2 which is most useful for the analysis of the performance of the aerodynamic appendages are those of the movement of the shock absorbers, longitudinal and lateral accelerations recorded by the vehicle, as well as engine parameters such as throttle position, RPM and coolant temperature. Comparing the first and second traces of Figure 11 and Figure 12 shows the downforce distribution front to rear, or center of pressure location.

Figure 12 Data traces for 40mph straight line test. Press to Select an action Download.

Aerodynamic downforce is hugely exploited in the design of the modern race car Refs. Once it is verified the designers have more confidence in using the simulation as a tool. The wind tunnel testing of a half-scale model determined that a lift coefficient of Data presented in Katz et al. For automotive external aerodynamics there are two major areas of testing: It has been shown to produce the accuracy of results desired with minimal computing fdae required and good stability. Figure 5 shows pressure contours of the full car as well as streamlines that travel under it.


Design and Validation of a Front Wing for a Formula SAE car

Remember me on this computer. On-track testing with back-to-back comparisons and vehicle sensors can verify the improvement of the vehicle track performance and also the downforce produced. Moving no-slip wall Also included in the simulation is rotating tires.

The entrance to the wind tunnel is placed a few car lengths ahead of the geometry and is considered a velocity inlet [ 19]. My signature below authorizes release of my thesis to any reader upon request.

Master of Science M. Since the competitions inception inthe cars have been evolving and changing and there has been no single design that stands out as “the best.


Computational fluids analysis was used for the design of the body and under-tray of the vehicle. In this graph you can see that the total spring force varies around 22 pounds of downforce for the given speed. There is not space in this abstract to include those profiles. Marks are awarded for the performance of the vehicle in each of these tests as well as on the fuel economy of the vehicle during the endurance event. These vortices can also be used along the sides of the undertray creating a “false seal” that also increases downforce [9].

Home Graduate Thesis Or Dissertation. Using this as a starting point, the undertray design was iterated to come to a final design.


Also, since racing is a competitive sport, most of the specific information about undertray design is not published. The down-side is the factor of the human driver that can skew the data, as aerocynamics as the time on the track is usually expensive in terms of labor, track use and also wear aerodynamicss the car.

Once separation occurs the downforce is reduced and drag is greatly increased [10].

fsae aerodynamics thesis

A plot of the downforce with speed can be seen in Figure Approved for entry into archive by Julie Kurtz julie. This can lead to a stabilizing effect at higher speeds but also means that the car will aerodynxmics less responsive and have a tendency to understeer.

Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations are used to iterate the design and discover fssae effect on the downforce developed of various vehicle parameters such as speed, ride height and roll.

Wind tunnel testing is broken down into two areas of full-scale testing and model testing.

fsae aerodynamics thesis

Aerodynamic elements, however, produce vertical load on the tires with very little added mass, giving the tires more grip and allowing the car higher acceleration [7]. Large vortex generators can be placed at the entrance of the aerodyamics so that the vortices travel along the length of the vehicle, reducing the pressure and increasing downforce [, 14].

Design and Validation of a Front Wing for a Formula SAE car

In combination with a 1. Help Center Find new research papers in: Approved for entry into archive by Julie Kurtz julie.

fsae aerodynamics thesis

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