Retrieved 23 June This clause implies that the water use permits are from average annual water availability in the river. Sriharikota Nagarjunakonda Bhavani Lanka Hope island. Seeing what happened before their eyes, the munis and their wives cried out, “We thought that Gautama-maharishi is a righteous man, but he committed bovicide killing of a cow or cattle! West Godavari East Godavari Vishakapatnam.

The Godavari Pushkaram is believed to be a Maha Pushkaram , which happens once in years. Retrieved 28 June K should not use more than 2. This agreement says that the water allocations shall be reviewed after 25 years i. Within Ahmednagar the river quickly completes its short course, flowing alongside the town of Kopargaon and reaching Puntamba. On either side wooded hills rise almost vertically from the waters. The river at Papi Hills in Andhra Pradesh.

Official website of Godavari Mahapushkaram Organization.

essay on godavari river in telugu

Retrieved 23 January Khaparkheda Thermal Power Station. The course of the main stream then tends more decidedly south. For other uses, see Godavari disambiguation.

essay on godavari river in telugu

Retrieved 17 October The surface run goodavari and the subsurface seepage out of the total rainfall is the available water in the river basin after deducting the natural evaporation loss from the naturally formed water bodies both perennial and non perennial in the river basin in a water year. You can make it easier for us to giver and, hopefully, publish your contribution goeavari keeping a few points in mind.

It is one of the recognised symbols of Rajahmundry. Contact our editors with your feedback. The water diverted from a reservoir in a water year shall be considered as water use in that water year only. Within the state of Andhra Pradeshit flows through hilly terrain of the Eastern Ghats known as the Papi hills which explains the narrowing of its bed as it flows through a gorge for a few km, only to re-widen at Polavaram.


The Godavari River is one of the rivers whose water energy is least harnessed for generating hydro electricity. Balaghat Seoni Betul Chhindwara.

Godavari Bridge

Starting of the bridge. Jammu and Kashmir This northern state of India is mostly located in the Himalayan mountains. Greenland is noted riber its….

One of the longest rivers in India, its total length is about miles 1, kmand it has a drainage basin of somesquare milessquare km. South IndiaWestern India.

Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 11 March The Kura and Aras rivers flow into the Caspian Sea. Said to further epitomise essayy insensitivity towards Godavari, is the Polavaram Project which is touted to be gigantic — both in terms of size and violations.

Godavari River and its Map

tdlugu Archived from rived original on 21 June At least 27 pilgrims, 13 of them women, died and 20 others injured in a stampede at a major bathing spot on the banks of the Godavari river where a huge crowd of devotees had gathered on the opening day of ‘Pushkaram’ festival.

Clause II declares each of above purpose is water use along with the evaporation loss from the associated storage. The couple lived the rest of their lives in the then village called Govuruknown as Kovvur “cow” since the British rule.


The catchment area of the river is regarded as one of the biggest in the country. It then runs into the controversial Babli project soon ends its course godvari Maharashtraalbeit temporarily, at its merger with a major tributary — Manjira.

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The river begins its southeasterly course characteristic of rivers of the Deccan Plateau. Beyond this the river has been deployed as a natural boundary between the following districts:.

The Godavari River rises in northwestern Maharashtra state in the Western Ghats range, only about 50 miles 80 km from the Arabian Seaand flows for most of its course generally eastward across the broad plateau of the Deccan peninsular India. On essaj side wooded hills rise almost vertically from the waters.

This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat From its source to the Eastern Ghats, the Godavari River flows through gentle, somewhat monotonous terrain, along the way receiving the Darna, Purna, Godavark, Pranhita, and Indravati rivers.