In an imaginary situation where employer branding was to compete for resources against an initiative for e. On one hand, the argument above can be interpreted as being correct. Psychological contract When looking into the relationship between any employer and employee, one notion that is of important relevance is the issue of the psychological contract. The initial outlay of implementing the strategy is possible to determine and consists of costs such as salary to people working on developing the brand, potential consultancy fees, marketing costs for external and internal communication campaigns, and costs of HR initiatives in order to enhance organisational culture. In the cover letter, for example, you would not write I need the job because I’d be good at it but would instead write the job takes full good thing about my skills.

Alternatively, one can perceive value in more qualitative terms without incorporating financial measures. If the organisation does not have a corporate brand it should consider the values of the organisation as a whole that are to be communicated. In both external and internal communication the organisation should consider the proper channels of communication. By this we do not argue that intangible assets are not of value to the company. We have selected companies for our case studies that share the same characteristics. Du kommenterer med din Facebook konto. Examples of these are organisational values, mission and vision, and corporate opinion on society and environment, essentially referring to corporate social responsibility CSR activities.

The purpose of creating an employer brand is to outline the positive benefits for employees of brsnding into the relationship with bradning employer.

However, a negative psychological contract can result in employee de-motivation and an increasingly inefficient workforce whose objectives no longer correspond to the organisation for which they work.

Regarding recruitment and attraction of new employees for instance it is possible to calculate the exact cost of recruiting one new employee in terms of marketing costs, interviews, training and socialisation.


It is of interest thesi compare the results obtained with the image that the companies wish to portray. Du kommenterer med din WordPress. The search for answers will take its point-of-departure within statistics concerning the following areas:.


Thus, in the context of this thesis, the literature on employer and corporate branding discussed above leads to identification of two further a priori themes, namely career development and human capital development.

Expanding on this issue none of the companies from the case studies applied this definition of value nor mentioned this way of measuring. The result of internal branding is emp,oyer and commitment which is even more intangible than the result of external branding. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When you have to write medicines essay, get professional medicine essay assistance, from an expert service dedicated to your ability to succeed.

Her ville jeg da gerne arbejde! In relation to employer branding we find this element least significant.

Additionally, the personality of the brand can affect the relationship between the brand and its consumer. We have classified a mean of points as low, 3 empolyer qualifies as moderate and points as high. Heres yet another way of citing using APA format: We argue that this is the element of the employer brand identity with the best opportunity for differentiation.

Employer branding thesis themen

Organisational commitment is defined as: When determining whether employer branding is value-creating to companies if implemented, we need to define value as a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures. When speaking of talents of interest to our case companies, the main target group will be among graduates of bachelor degrees or, mainly, long-cycle higher education programs.

Aaker suggests that a brand identity consists of four elements, which together can help create a differentiated identity Aaker, Combining this measure with the employee turnover rate gives a solid measure of the cost of not attracting the right applicants. Furthermore, there are some factors prior to the brand identity development which have to be in place.

Evaluation of employer branding on hospitality and tourism

Loyalty and commitment is more difficult to measure, especially quantitatively. These are through organisational structure, for example the level of hierarchy, the leading style of the manager, as well as the preferred way of controlling and evaluating.


A more quantitative approach to measuring the effect internally is to register the average employee turnover rate and the rate of absence due to illness. Having determined how to measure the value of employer branding there is the challenge of communicating the value. The prior relates to the strength of a brand from which brand recognition and brand recall stem, whereas, the latter relates to consumer perceptions of a brand Keller, Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that there is a higher percentage of women in the talent pool which is something that could be of interest in our continued analysis.

If a respondent has ranked a parameter as 1 the answer receives a score of one pointif ranked 2 a score of two points thfmen. The purpose of emplpyer marketing is to retain current employees.

Breach of the psychological contract may occur if employees perceive the organisation as failing to deliver what was perceived promised, or vice versa. The basic assumptions are communicated to new employees through behaviour and the artefacts and should they change it will be evident in the whole culture Millmore et al. In an imaginary situation where employer branding was to compete for resources against an initiative for e.

employer branding thesis themen

One way in which the companies have an opportunity to explain the value of the resources possessed by employees, and thereby the value of attracting the right applicants and retaining the current employees which is what employer branding is about, is through a knowledge report. Employer branding is an intangible notion and cannot be related to sales or production and therefore neither sales forecasts employeg measures on output are useful indicators.

There are certain elements companies must ascertain in order to stay in the running for the talents.

employer branding thesis themen