You must follow this process for every semester that you request accommodations. Read all the instructions that accompany all assignments—they are there to help you succeed! Understand how variable minimum rate of return with time can affect the project. Schedule a time to review your notes and take the Homework Quiz. Go through the Lesson 1 Take Quiz 1, Homework 1. Our students come from all walks of life and have diverse life experiences.

Please note that learning Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs such as Google Spreadsheet is an important objective in this course. Additionally, I am required to make a report on any reasonable suspicion of child abuse in accordance with the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law. Services include the following:. Be familiar with personal investment and hedging terminology. This lesson will take us one week to complete.

Be able to use rate of return, net value, and ratios methods to analyze mutually exclusive projects. The students’ primary responsibilities are to stay on task; to manage their time and energy in order to get everything done on a weekly basis; to ask for guidance when in need of clarification; and to take every opportunity available to improve their chances of success.

Go through the Lesson 1 Take Quiz 1, Homework 1. Course Schedule Lesson Objective Assignments Orientation and Syllabus Learn the structure of EME, an overview of Canvas, technical requirements, how to succeed in this course, and where to get course assistance if you need it.

eme 460 homework

Go through the Lesson 4 Take Gomework 4, Homework 4. Introduction Print Overview This lesson addresses the issues homewodk constant, escalated values, nominal, and real prices, which are very important for project evaluation reaching several years into the future. In order to access all materials, you need to have an active Penn State Access Account user ID and password used to access the online course resources.


Use present, annual, future values, break-even, 4600 rate of return to make investment decisions. On average, most students spend 10 hours per week preparing the quiz for each lesson.

In other words, what you put in greatly influences what you get out. Assignment Homework 8 Questions? So, the very best advice we can offer you is to be engaged in this course at least nine hours each week, and log on days of the week to spread out your study and thinking time. Students must take the quiz and homework individually. Specific directions for the assignment listed below can be found within this lesson.

Uncertainty and Risk Analysis Understand how to conduct sensitivity analysis to analyze the effects of uncertainty.

Differentiate the factors to be considered homeework escalation and inflation. They will also learn about uncertainty and risk management as they apply to engineering project evaluations involving geo-resources.

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Understand where the processes of investment decision-making. Your sme may be more or less depending on your study habits. Go through the Lesson 2 Take Quiz 2, Homework 2. Skip to main content. The lecturer and TA will read and respond to e-mail and discussion forums emr least once per day during the work week Monday through Friday. To seek a deferred grade, you must submit a written request by e-mail or U. You can see your grades by accessing your course section in Canvas and clicking on the Grades option from the menu on the left.


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Skip to main content. You can contact your lecturer in charge, Farid Tayari, through the course e-mail system in Cnavas. Accommodations homewokr Students with Disabilities Penn State welcomes students with disabilities into the University’s educational programs. Queries sent after noon, Eastern Time on the date an assignment is due may not be responded to, so please don’t procrastinate!

eme 460 homework

If permission is granted, you will work mee the instructor to establish a communication plan and a clear schedule for completion within policy. Read and take notes on all lesson materials.

For online courses, the advice most likely to lead you to success is “Engage, Engage, Engage! Be familiar with individual and corporate capital gains tax treatment. Late day 1 begins hoework minute after the stated due date and time, and each additional day starts 24 hours later. Enhance the understanding of present, annual, and future values.

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Services include the following:.