Please note that we need the original receipts. Second checklist — public defence application First, make sure you read and re-read every single page linked in the KI Interweb concerning the whole dissertation process. A rather bullet-point-style and still very long post with tips to navigate the administrative part of applying for defense. Thereafter they have a discussion. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rentable rooms overview here. Experiments with pharmaceutical and physiological stimuli on behavior and brain signals in rodents and non-human primates. Now, congratulate yourself and chill out for a moment. You may find that your papers are printed all the way to the edge of the page, making parts unreadable due to the glue-binding of the thesis the papers and related figured might not have the same margin as needed for the thesis print. New approaches to statistical analysis of fMRI data.

dissertation opponent karolinska

PhD defence is far to long in the past for me to remember detail! The transcript is then submitted by the principal supervisor to the dissertatoin administrator. Emma Aldenstam will contact you in order to prepare the application.

Your dissertation board is made up of the people you select to judge your papers, thesis and defense. Once the chairperson has made sure that the opponent and members of the Examination Board are present when the public defence is due to begin, he or she leads proceedings.


There was another lunch for candidate, opponent, and committee; and then in the evening, a very big party including dinner, toasts and toastmasters, speeches, songs, gifts from supervisor to candidate and candidate to supervisor, and dancing that lasted longer into the wee hours than I did.

For new employee and MBW guests. The process I was invited to be the opponent about five months before the defence. Maintaining social bonds via touching: At least one member of the Examination Board is to belong to an institution other than KI and have no current affiliation with the university. Notify me of new comments via email.

dissertation opponent karolinska

If you have had any expenses that SU has not covered for, please contact Mrs. Do you use a specific method? The reviewers will then examine your monograph and produce a written statement, similar to that made by a referee at a scientific journal, with comments on the quality and scope of the thesis.

Dynamic similarity of brain activity in humans: Aim for a minute presentation.

Cover and other layout rules and templates can be found on KI info pages. After submitting, you may take a breather.

The “opponent” system: my experience at a Swedish PhD defence

Ari Koskelainen and Jouni Partanen, opponents: Back up your slides, bring extra laptop, clone yourself, etc. Gelana Yadeta will arrange booking of the transfer and give you confirmation. Draw a timeline plan from start to finish about 12 weeks, see below.


Comment on this post: About my PhD defense in Germany — biologyforfun. The purpose of these decisions is to prevent opponent in which objectivity can be called to question. There is time to make the slides, rehearse, and revise. Try oppohent have everything written and done by that time, so you only need to prettify things in this stage.

Applying for PhD defense at Karolinska Institutet – Karolinska Institutet Career Blog

Interesting post and thank you for sharing you experience. You can ask around if you have people who defended recently. Neurophysiological correlates of producing and perceiving natural connected speech. Brain correlates of social cognition and interaction.

Transfer to and from airport: I know in Sweden defendants tend to be casually dressed. February 6, Source: But, your department needs to send you an invitation to it, normally within the last month. Final thoughts Well, this turned out very long!