Clusters of magazines lie on the scratched wood of the coffee tables, shiny bright plastic screaming out logos and slogans. A little way forward from where I stand is a desk. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This demon cloaked in long, blonde hair Has led me to the dentist’s chair, Like a man condemned to die I take my place, prepared to fry. Eyes delivered across to the large wooden door as the silver handle turned. Martyrs stationed that link bibulously?

She tells me to relax and lay back. Getting Freddy’s attention was the main issue, and this was the hardest aspect of the procedure. Angel was speechless and abashed to the point that she felt she would faint. Nothing that I had ever smelled before. They are told horrifying stories about their first visit.

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A door leading to a bathroom is next to the table. This whole place seems odd, how did i get here? The Final Journey words – 5 pages.


descriptive essay dentists waiting room

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I clinch my eyes as she begins to drill. The door was hanging off its hinges; there was no need for a key. Also we have the amount of food that we eat esssy average each day. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The room is lit with fluorescent bulbs, cheap floating ceiling is everywhere.

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descriptive essay dentists waiting room

Creative Writing words – 8 pages on getting him back for what he had done. Chairs are cluttered in the waiting room of the dentists.

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Milo scraped the damp stones with his shoe, scowling at the mold growing in orderly rows between the gaps. Before I know it the procedure is over.

descriptive essay dentists waiting room

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