I enjoyed almost every song on this album. I still love to hear the old albums, and hopefully Daft Punk will find back to their own style and make music like they always did. It’s just there and I can’t place it properly, it feels too much like a combination of other songs on the album, I’m sure people like it, the song just doesn’t want to make me dance so to speak, “Touch” is another epic song on the album, a sound that Daft Punk have really done well on this album, creating long Progressive Rock type songs on an album with so much Funk and Disco elements and I’m glad to see this. An absolutely outstanding album , the best electronic artists of all time. In my view one of the greatest, innovative albums of all time, with already classic songs such as ‘One More Time’ and ‘Digital Love’ featured. Some songs are just so good, the album can’t keep it up for it’s long length of well over an hour.

Discovery was amazing, but their newest record just touches so much more layers and combines a multitude of different styles in 13 unique tracks. There are some good remix albums of RAM out there. Trick yourselves into thinking the robots are twisting some radical new spin on the form if you wish, but I’m logging off now. Every note, sound and minuscule detail is perfectly placed. Gone are the grinding drums and the grating bursts of synth.

While Discovery embraces the cheesiness of the lamest of lame music, the strategy frequently metacditic across as gimmickry. Best Electronic album i’ve ever heard and own, hands down!

I also feel that the song is, dynamically, far from the 70’s veering more towards the 80’s and electronic music from era’s after, and I think that might be because of Panda Bear’s vocals.

Random Access Memories is an excellent album that surprised many loyal Daft Punk fans. The duo have enlisted a all-star force of disco veterans to execute this attempt; a piece of news that swayed emotions of excitement in many. There are songs here that are definitely flawed, despite their meticulous production and admirable ambition.


Random Access Memories

This year marks the famous robotic duo Daft Punk’s 20th year as a band and the release of their long awaited fourth studio album, Random Access Memories. Every note, sound and minuscule detail is perfectly placed. Very,very different from all the previous album,with more lyrics and less actual EDM in it,but as others pointed out this could be considered a prequel to all the others album.

I’m thrilled that Homewoek would give us a gift this lovingly constructed, and just trust that we would pay if we loved it.

Without a doubt this album was all Hype, no delivery. It’s not all bad, but I really expected something with a little more “oomph”. Daft Punk definitely nailed the emotion they were going for which is refreshing but mehacritic only problem this triumph of an album has is that it lacks the energy some people would expect from electronic music.

Alive 2007

They made the album that they wanted us to hear. It’s uncomprimising and like nothing you’ve really heard before.

daft punk homework metacritic

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth listening to. That Daft Punk achieved this career highlight with Tron Legacy is yet another example of the duo’s adaptable form, and a homdwork that there is still uncharted territory beneath those helmets.

daft punk homework metacritic

M, the duo who have been at the front of French House, have taken a risk; they have used live instruments to blend a mix of the 70’s and the 80’s, they have captured that cross over period, and they blend the two era’s seamlessly.

When you slowly transition into the second half, it seems as though the songs become more ambient. I don’t listen this type of music, I like meacritic and metal, but this album it’s so It may have it’s flaws, it could do with being shorter, maybe ten, eleven songs instead of thirteen, but I’ll make do with I’ve got because I love this album.

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And not even the officially approved retro-kitsch cool of Madonna’s lukewarm excursions into post-Daft terrain but all the bubble-permed, sports-jacket-and-jeans excesses they can muster If only itunes did returns.

Same is himework Daft Punk. Overall, Daft Punk have taken a risk, and it worked. Find individual lists and this year’s cumulative rankings inside.


It is not until “Touch”, the track the producers describe as the ‘crux’ of the album, and perhaps the track that truly represents what the album is trying to present, that Random Access Memories bursts into a roaring crescendo, with the catchier “Get Lucky” and “Fragments of Time” staying with the listener long after the CD has stopped playing. After eight years of staring at a particularly noticeable Daft Punk-shaped hole in the electronic dance music industry, Random Access Memories arrived, and Daft Punk made a dramatic return onto the scene with an album User score By date Most helpful view.

Save for one track the brilliantly catchy “Doin’ Homewrok Right”, featuring Panda Bearthe entirety of Random Access Memories After eight years of staring at a particularly noticeable Daft Punk-shaped hole in the electronic dance music industry, Random Access Memories arrived, and Daft Punk made a dramatic return onto the scene with an album One of the greatest dance puunk of all time, an absolute classic.

I’m not even metxcritic fan of house music but this album is a major exception. The album Random Access Memories by Daft Punk don’t have anything to show for the eletronic music in the current days.

What Daft Punk have done, is an homage to music of old, and they have done it masterly, but they have still kept it current. In my mind the two Parisians are still about the only artists that know how to use a vocoder properly, and by this album they have almost perfected it to an art rather than just bluntly using it as a weapon to mask a singer’s inability by making them sound like a robot, they go for making a robot sound almost human.

Every song is beautifully crafted and produced which shows how much emotion was put into the album.