These technologies represent a competitive advantage for national and regional universities with their help to make education open and accessible to many students of different levels of education and groups of income, teachers have opportunities to engage in research and exchange of experience, to observe and study the changes in educational technologies. Gamification is supposed to be one of the main trends in e-Learning area. Conclusions Students understand the importance of motor activity during training. Results and discussion Analysis of the results of the study shows that a third of the number of participants in the survey refers negatively to the fact that physical education classes are in the curriculum. To this respect, several programming languages and environments have appeared to help the teachers to build this kind of resources, reducing the development time as well as high programming knowledge requirements see e.

Based on that, state and regional economic development efforts have been more heavily directed toward promoting entrepreneurship. Introduction — The European context of Higher Education reinforced the importance of tutoring as an essential teaching resource [1]. The system developed was tested during the lessons in gymnasium and rural school. Sin embargo, el Nerviosismo fue significativamente mayor en las chicas que en los chicos. The most positive aspects indicated by the testers were 1 increased control of the contents, 2 improvement in the continuity of the tutoring activities, and 3 the control of tutoring time. They concluded the project by making it public:

Roda da Fortuna, 3, Buckingham Shum and R. This kind of course cultivate students with the concepts of Observe Merits and Appreciate Kindness to practice positive thinking in their daily life.

Introduction — The European context of Higher Education reinforced the importance of cuericulum as an essential teaching resource [1]. Van Scotter, and R. We will compare the educational success rates between the academic years and in these two groups of schools. Escribano 6L. Experimental – The experience was carried out at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Extremadura Spain during the academic year Most importantly, the digital gaps in the possibilities for obtaining higher education still remain.


Teacher also can use Instagram as a new media to communicate with students.

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Roda da Fortuna, 3,pp. It had two parts, in the first one six historical nnormalizado were to be located and their biography briefly explained, in the second part we asked about five battles which you can recreate on Age of Empires II.

Is multiple case, consisting of three cases, Case I, Case II and Case III, of three years of schooling 7th, 8th and 9threspectively, involving a total of 80 students from two public school of northern region of Portugal.

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Nevado-Maestre 1M. Given the absence of a specific scale of measurement, we have chosen to create one of its own, composed of a set of items supported by reference literature. Blanco-Roca 3C.

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Gallardo 1E. Furthermore, this information shows the participation level of the students, and it lets the teacher to know which students are at risk of dropping out.

This study implements a Life Education and adopts the text mining approach to evaluate the course.

For this, the most frequently used statistical tests are the Curruculum sphericity test and the Kaiser- Mayer-Olkin KMO sample adequacy measure. After watching the videos, they were asked to complete a questionnaire where five items were measured in order to create a truancy index. My aim is to learn what do my students know about the Middle Ages in order to improve my teaching and find new ways of teaching in which the videogames would be used as another tool to motivate students.


Finally, e-learning platform www. Results of questioning of trainees upon completion of training allowed to evaluate the content of each lesson as well as to get their short comments.

On the other hand, education for entrepreneurship, that addresses present and potential entrepreneurs with the objective vitea developing and stimulating the entrepreneurial process, providing all the tools necessary for the start-up of a new venture both within and outside an existing organization.

The second way becomes the source of the appearance in the modern world of new curiculum systems of norms and values: Prior to his academic career, he worked in managing several service companies. Lack of experience is also an obstacle in finding a good job, because many employers prefer candidates who meet certain demands, than those who have good basic education.

The KMO measure determines a statistic that reports the quality of the data, so that values greater than 0. Hanna, I, O’Neill, A. After finishing that task, experts went back to their based teams in order to elaborate a questionnaire with the material studied in the corresponding gamification session.

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Based on that, state and regional economic development efforts have been more heavily directed toward promoting entrepreneurship. Esteves 2P. And more often than not, they attend physical education at the university only because it is necessary.

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