They have many opportunities to apply and refine these skills in co-curricular activities. It will also create or acquire online instructional modules on selected INtopFORM skills which instructors can then require students to complete. National Commission on Library and Information Science. Studio Art concentration ; Art, B. Each committee actively sought input from the university community through strategies including electronic surveys, meetings, retreats, and interviews.

ETSU analyzes test data annually as part of its assessment of. This component includes the following elements: Students locate or create information needs to accomplish their purposes. The librarian will develop or acquire instructional resources, including online modules related to information fluency skills; create and maintain the INtopFORM online resource center; and coordinate course-embedded instruction in information fluency provided by other library faculty and staff. Libraries and the Academy, 7: The QEP emerged from a deliberate, inclusive selection process that sought input from all university stakeholders and drew upon numerous assessment data. The student correctly identifies limitations of research he or she conducted.

The student clearly relates information to the larger purpose. Students locate or create information needed to accomplish their purposes. Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, 3, The student correctly analyzes the reliability of sources or information.

In addition to funding these positions, ETSU has allocated significant financial resources to support assessment and implementation, including faculty development.


Our goal can be to develop citizens who seek wisdom by understanding conflicting sets of knowledge. Over the life of the QEP at least 60 programs califognia study will participate. The groups will meet every other week to discuss teaching practices related to INtopFORM and to assist each other in developing and trying out new ideas.

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Drawing upon the work of the initial QEP theme committee slills, which emphasized collaborative learning and experiential education, throughout.

The student correctly analyzes the potential bias of sources. They thoughtfully evaluate the credibility and implications of information. The development team found feedback from the survey and information gathered at meetings with campus constituencies very useful in refining the plan.

Appendix A outlines the purposes of the conference in detail. The student conducted an iterative search process. Students apply critical thinking skills in evaluating sources, information, and search processes.

Building Faculty Learning Communities.

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The student draws sound conclusions from information. Staff Although both are worthy proposals, enhancing information competence is a more critical priority at this point in the organization and operation of the university today and for the future.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Census opens a backdoor for illegal immigrants to participate in democracy. Examples of recent initiatives supporting student success include the following: The Journal of Higher Education, 83, No. Table 18 presents its membership. Senior Information Fluency Exam. The CCTST is a national, standardized test appropriate for institutions of higher education, and ETSU compares the performance of its students to that of thining in a national reference group, created by the test vendor.


california critical thinking skills test etsu

All programs of study must provide an overall rating for each learning outcome. Computers in Libraries, 26, Issue 5, pp. Questions demonstrate understanding of the problem, task or topic.

They also argued that such individuals are life-long learners who report more personal fulfillment. The expected outcomes skillz the conference include the following: By the close of the spring term, the team had created an extended outline of the implementation and assessment plan. College Libraries and Student Culture: Journal of Documentation, 62 5: To assure the continuing involvement of the entire university community, an INtopFORM leadership team will oversee the plan.

The amount of information provided is sufficient for the purpose. For more information, students should check with their academic advisor. University of Chicago Press.

california critical thinking skills test etsu