Working relationships in the field of paid migrant domestic and care work in Madrid take place in the private sphere of the employers and are marked by highly intimate, personal and emotional relationships between employer and employee. Towards New Collaborative Planning Practices. The Academy of Art and Design is part of the Campus of the Arts, a cultural cluster, with art-, design-, and architecture-oriented institutions, enterprises, archives and exhibition spaces. All in one place! Visions of the ideal city are reflected in the meanings currently ascribed to urban gardening.

General The deadline applies to everyone. The living costs include the total expenses per month, covering accommodation, public transportation, utilities electricity, internet , books and groceries. Students are taught in protein analytics, compound profiling, advanced mass-spectroscopy and the use of tissue engineering for drug discovery. Urban allotment gardens in the entrepreneurial city. Log In Sign Up. Ads help cover our server costs. Computer Scientist and Software Developer.

Project lead in national research projects.

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All Departments 14 Documents 26 Researchers. All in one place! Visual Communication and Iconic Research MA Based on the competences to create intriguing visual messages for communication or to reflect upon images and media within the cultural sciences, the MA program merges practice-led design processes with the knowledge of iconic- and media-oriented theory.

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bachelor thesis fhnw basel

The former models of modernist design education were updated over the past years within the Swiss University system. Head of a youth centre sideline job.


Scientific collaboration in European research projects. Computer Scientist and Software Developer.

The Basel School of Design

Urban Gardening and Green Space Governance: Results from different Swiss cities show that allotment gardens as well as bawel forms of urban gardening are oscillating between a baesl and a complementary understanding of nature, and they equally combine the desire for pristine nature with the demand for functional green space in the city.

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Starting in Info and application Deadline: The Visual Communication Institute offers the Basel Summer Workshops for students, educators and practitioners in the field of visual communication, graphic design, communication design and media design.

bachelor thesis fhnw basel

The Academy of Art and Design is part of the Campus of the Arts, a cultural cluster, with art- design- and architecture-oriented institutions, enterprises, archives and bachekor spaces.

However, it does not entail a break through existing hierarchies. Alumni have developed careers in the context of the international practice of Graphic Design or as professors in the academic context of design education.

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Studyportals Apply Search, compare and apply for your study of choice. Students can search online for independent or external scholarships that can help fund their studies. Further modules focus on the production aspects: Professional Baccalaureate Professional Maturity Certificate.

The living costs include the fbnw expenses per month, covering accommodation, public transportation, utilities electricity, internetbooks and groceries.


Click here to sign up. Since the intensification of the search for sustainable urban planning, the ideal of the compact and green city characterized by high density, mixed land use and attractive green infrastructure, has become a desirable urban form at global Another set of modules emphasizes the analytics required in the pharmaceutical industry.

Administrative co-director of the youth centre Jugendhaus Dorneckberg. Programme Structure Modules cover the formulation of drugs including biopharmaceuticals and the various routes of drug delivery. The Visual Communication Institute organizes public lectures on a variety of topics bachepor the current discourse of visual communication.

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Die Studienergebnisse verdeutlichen die geringe begriffliche wie konzeptuelle Manifestation von Sozialplanung in der Schweiz. Send Feedback A big thumbs up for your feedback!

bachelor thesis fhnw basel

Contested urban green spaces in the compact city: Students develop their individual and practical ability to create visual messages further, gain the ability to ground their design decisions on a scientific basis, and learn to conduct practice-led methodologies to conduct design research projects. Academic Requirements Graduates with an excellent Bachelor’s degree are admitted directly if they: Being a Member of the Family?