You have to exit the game and restart to fix. Is it jus the right to purchase more tables? And the countdown sometimes starts even though the ball does not make it all the way up into the upper ramp. While in the app there is no explanation about what you get for a membership. Zaccaria Pinball falls squarely in the second category, and is an amazing example of using technology to simulate and preserve a historical niche.

Missing Game Center connection. However, I did take off a star for that, because it’s confusing and maybe too much to ask from the casual player. At their best time, Zaccaria was the third largest company of pinball machines in the world after Bally and Williams. Hill Climb Tuning Masters Pris: ADDED a new ball rolling sound effect. A hidden pinball gem!

Do you remember all of those cartoon characters? FIXED upper part of left slingshot where the ball gets stuck sometimes. Pinball arcade is the way zaccariw go for right now.

So buyer beware of those issues before you purchase. This is a real treat.

Zaccaria Pinball

When the timer runs out- game over. Alongside Zen’s Star Wars, this is the zenith of iDevice pinball. Developers listen to their fans and have been improving the game relentlessly. I was a bit leery about buying this app but I’m sure glad I did.


ask homework zaccaria pinball

Really not worth the 1 star. The game now rotates a full as during gameplay, even when the screen is set to rotation lock.

Zaccaria Pinball Master Edition by ASK Homework

Sea Battle ,? Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. The physics and flipper play are a drastic improvement. For those who feel slighted by the games ending abruptly, you need to know that Zaccaria games give you 3 balls per game. Pibnall Go Turbo Masters Pris: Can’t wait for more updates and incredible games.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

Just downloaded latest update Cannot purchase newest game, shooting the rapids Overall like homewirk app a lot but please fix this problem Thanks. I look forward to seeing the rest of the homwork, and will revisit my rating at that point. Leaves you feeling empty. The developers are also continually making improvements. Please tap on “Call Attendant” button if this happen. Keywords ranked 25 or better Keywords ranked between 25 and Not ranked in search results under this keyword.


Best 10 “13 Card” Games Lucky number 13! This is how bad things could get. I’ve played zen pinball and pinball arcade both are good very this however is awesome but there is some bugs -preformance is a bit choppy I’m using an iPhone 4 here -ball seems to pass through aak at times That’s only the 2 problems I see with the game overall its a fun game.

Red Special lamp flashes without time limit. Who is going to BUY five ball support, or a darker table. It’s like a timed session of a game, only no timer.

Latest update nailed the physics. AndroidiOSWindows. Now ride the big wheel! Now they are memorized ball by ball. The ball and flippers lag. We will bring you almost all the pinball tables of zaccaria one after the other. FIXED sound issue of the left 1st drop target.

Love your work, guys!