This handbook may answer some of the questions you may have and will be a good future reference. For more ideas on creating a healthy lunch box for your child please visit the following website: Buses will depart at the assigned time. Informing parents of upcoming consequences. The school requires a permission slip on or before the deadline. We will strive to make our children independent, lifelong learners with a positive self-esteem 2. The food and physical activity choices you make each day for your children affect their health, how they feel.

Parents will be notified of their child s behavior and the consequences. In order to be recognized for Perfect Attendance, a student must be present at school every school day and have no tardiness all of the term. Expo Click here The food and physical activity choices you make each day for your children affect their health, how they feel. Only an adult should heat and stir hot soup.

Our focus is on the act of doing; the process is stressed, not the finished product. Change your typical foods. Riding the bus is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked if the safety or comfort of others is jeopardized. Bruno Andrew Watkins 9 months ago Views: The school hokework grown and developed over the past sixteen years and continues to do so under the leadership of Mr.

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The completion of assignments will be monitored by teachers and recorded on quarterly report cards. Have a temperature that exceeds 38 Co. Al Zuhour Private School. Hand any medication that needs to be refrigerated in a sealed plastic bag labeled by the student name and class directly to the bus matron or to the security guard if your child comes by car.


I’d stop playing serious, and seriously play. Call the Head of section and set an appointment. Examples of recognition strategies: Children are schoop positive directions. It is schpol parent s responsibility to ensure that an adult supervises the child during this process.

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Start display at page:. We invite your comments, concerns, and ideas to make our behavior plan work at school. A recent study supports the idea that a breakfast with a lower sugar load may improve short-term memory and attention span at school. If difficulties are persistent, a teacher may request an interview with the parents.

Add fruit to your preschooler s breakfast by using it to top cereal. A written note or notification to the section supervisor is required in advance if the child is to be picked up by anyone other than the parents or those indicated on the information form.

Nine incidents will require a parent phone call by the assistant principal to discuss alternatives that will allow the student to arrive on time. The birthday of all children will be recognized by the section 1- Each class will have a special a, display board schoo, If a parent wishes to celebrate the birthday of their child at the section, the parents should inform the section supervisor homewodk advance.

al zuhour private school homework

Make sure it is in a childproof container labeled with the student s name and class. This letter will outline the actions taken if further incidents occur, as well as the school s expectations for student attendance.


In case of an emergency transportation change, please call the Transportation office maximum by 1: Try adding mango, Swiss cheese, or tuna to your green salad. If a signed permission slip is not received by the deadline stated on the form we will not hlmework able to send your child on the trip.

al zuhour private school homework

Acknowledging student demonstrations of good character is important. Parents will be notified of any health problems we detect.

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I’d take more hikes and fly more kites. Due dates and deadlines will homswork be extended for unexcused absences. Parents will be notified of their child s behavior and the consequences. In case your child brings any of these, the teacher will take them and return them to your child or the bus matron at the end of the peivate.

Girls are expected to keep their hair tied back or wear a headband school colors only. Students are expected to be clean, neat, and dressed in the appropriate school uniform.

Each day we have two minute snack times.